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Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Pre-Volcano Archive Page

The 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed our community in Hawaii.
We continue to work on the Hedonisia EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio.
This page will remain part of the Web Memorial Archive of Pre-Volcano Hedonisia.

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Fair-Trade Volunteer Program

Volunteer in Hawaii for an Affordable Eco-Friendly Vacation

Ideal for those who wish to enjoy an affordable volunteer work experience while vacationing in Hawaii!

We accept volunteers on a basis of availability, work skills, friendliness, ease to live with, performance and their understanding and enthusiasm for the sustainable policies of Hedonisia Hawaii.

Volunteers have a great time, meet new friends and leave with satisfaction and enjoyment from living, learning and working in a Hawaiian Rainforest community.

Fair-Trade volunteers enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Community Living Educational Experience: At Hedonisia, we have developed policies and guidelines for sustainable communal living under our 'Community of Individuals' model.
  2. Tropical Food. Part of every volunteer's payment is an Agricultural Fee. This allows you to harvest any edible plants growing on our land and gives you access to the communal food pantry, which is usually stocked with donated food items from departing guests. Please note that our food gardens are only a supplement to dietary needs (about 10-15%). Be sure to have enough funds as each person is responsible for their own meals. However, you can cook with other community members in our beautiful Jungle Kitchen!
  3. Full Access to all Communal Areas: Enjoy the Haka Hou Mana Mana outdoor kitchen. Relax and unwind in our jungle shower; get acquainted with our famous Eco-Toilet! Volunteers also have access to our outdoor, sheltered community hang-out area and our indoor barn space, which is equipped with a beautiful sprung dance floor called the Candy Barn Yoga Space.

Volunteer Contribution Details

  • 12 hours Volunteer Work per Week of Stay.
  • 4-day work week! Monday - Thursday.
  • 3-hour shifts from 9:30-12:30pm. Afternoons free
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday - No work! Every week has a long weekend
  • Aloha Friday - Fruit Harvest & Lava Tube or Crater Tour (optional)

Volunteer Work Types

If accepted, you will be doing a variety of volunteer jobs. Most volunteers are usually here for only a week to a month so they usually do

However, while most of the time we do jungle cleaning and jungle weeding. we do try to match volunteers with the work they wish to do especially if they are skilled.

Explore the types of volunteer jobs you would like to be involved with as a Fair-Trade Volunteer:

  1. Work with your: BODY

  2. Work with your: HEART

  3. Work with your: BRAIN

Fair-Trade Volunteer Program Rates:

1st Week
Volunteer Tryout
Each Additional Week
After Tryout
(bed in dorm space or camping)
(two people in shared bed)

 Hawaii State state tax INCLUDED

Additional Information for Volunteers

a) 1st-Week Volunteer Tryout: For short stays of one week or less, the Tryout is ideal. And for those who want to 'check us out', it gives enough time to get to know the community and see if it's a fit for you. It also gives us an opportunity to work with you and see how you fit into our 'community of individuals'.

b) 1st Day Off! When you arrive you have your first day off to get acclimatized to your new rainforest home in Hawaii. And then you start volunteering the day after.

c) Fixed Departure Date: Volunteers who send in a good application and have a fixed departure date may book a stay for a fixed period of up to one month so that they are sure they have space. However, if you (or us) are not sure then we usually recommend just reserving the 1st Week Tryout and then we can take it from there after you arrive.

d) Single Person 2-bed Dorm Lodgings. Single volunteers usually stay in one of the ‘dorm’ spaces; Ohi'a Camper, Rollinia House or Aloha Bus. Our shared dorms are not crowded. They have only two people of the same gender! If you have a tent you can also use one of our designated sheltered camping spots. This allows you to enjoy privacy without having to pay a Private Upgrade Fee.

e) Single Person Private Spaces: Based on availability and upon request, single volunteers can pay an Upgrade fee for one of Jungle Cottage, Kahuna Cabin, Bamboo Bungalow, Ocean View or one of our other Eco-Huts.

f) Couples lodging spaces. For volunteer couples, we have Guava HutLono Hale, and Puka Hale which are private spaces that have full or queen beds. Ideal for volunteer couples in the rainforest! Jungle Cottage, Kahuna Cabin, Bamboo Bungalow and Ocean View are also available for an Upgrade Fee.

g) Choosing a Space. Volunteers may stay in different lodging spaces during the course of their stay. We try not to move people around unnecessarily especially if they are happy and comfortable in a space. When a volunteer shows that they are hardworking and adaptable we are more open to extending certain privileges like choosing their space if it is available.

h) Weekly & Monthly 'Volunteer Lite' Specials. Ideal for those who would also like as much tourist time as possible! Working only one Community Support Shift per week, you enjoy discounted lodgings for a longer stay.

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