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Hawaii Creative Volunteers
Asuza 2014 - Pre-Volcano Heart Work Volunteer from Japan

Heart work is the category is for volunteer or intern work trade contributions that are a bit more on the creative side.

Of course many of our 'body' or 'mind' jobs' are also creative. For Interns, any Eco-Tourist Customer Relations work is on the Heart side.

Having great 'human' or 'heart' skills is invaluable for sustainable community happiness.

Here are some creative 'heart' jobs we have for artistic volunteers or interns:

a) Creative/Artistic Work

  1. Graphic Designer: for Hedonisia logos and social enterprise online projects.
  2. VIDEO Editor/Photographer - We are updating the historical video and photo archives of Hedonisia Hawaii. So applicants with experience editing with iMovie are welcome.
  3. Mural Artist. Pre-VolcanoHedonisia was filled with sensual and quirky murals and art creations located throughout the property completed by artists as part of their Volunteer or Intern activities.

b) Property Care

  1. Organizer & General Assistant. We need help with organizing the communal and office spaces for maximum efficiency.
  2. TLC Loving Cleaner. We love that certain someone who enjoys deep cleanings. Whether it's the fridge, kitchen, bathroom, shower, lodgings there are people who get a warm feeling of satisfaction from making something clean and in order. Mild OCD types are welcome. 🙂

We offer post-volcano guest and volunteer options at two Puna locations:

  1. Hedonisia Guava Land. We are offering camping accommodations at our nearby Pahoa property located in a beautiful guava forest where we are also building a sustainable eco-friendly tiny home. Close to Kehena Beach and Kalapana.
  2. Kamaili Forest Farm. Two long-time friends started a farming community nearby. They are offering residential internships on their land under the guidelines of the Hedonisia Intern Program.
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