Post-Volcano Options

With the destruction of Hedonisia Hawaii due to the Kilauea volcano eruptionCommunity Director, Mojo moved to Portland where he continues to manage the Hedonisia Activist & EcoFeminist Web Portfolio.

We suffered a great loss with the volcano.

However, Hedonisia still offers variations on our popular Intern, Volunteer & Guest programs where, based on their skills and interests, visitors can contribute Heart, Body or Brain Work!

Hedonisia post-volcano community options:

  1. Hedonisia Solitude - Hawaii Artist & Creatives Colony - From May 2019.
  2. Hedonisia Portland Micro-Community 

Creative Volunteer Heart Work!

Hawaii Creative Volunteers
Asuza 2014 Heart Work Volunteer from Japan

Heart work is the category is for volunteer or intern work trade contributions that are a bit more on the creative side.

Of course many of our 'body' or 'mind' jobs' are also creative! For Interns, any Eco-Tourist Customer Relations work is on the Heart side.

Having great 'human' or 'heart' skills is invaluable for sustainable community happiness!

Here are some creative 'heart' jobs we have for artistic volunteers or interns:

a) Heart/Body Work:

  1. Massage Therapists or Body Workers - Body workers or Personal Trainers may practice their specialty for up to three hours per week as part of their Volunteer work. A Volunteer Masseuse will be working on Interns and the "Volunteer-of-the-Week" at Hedonisia.
  2. Yoga Teacher: Yoga teachers may volunteer 1-2 hours of their volunteer quota a week to teach a community class.
  3. Feminist Self-Defense Instructor! Though this is also body work, we included it in the Heart section because we believe in strong female empowerment on an emotional level! As part of our female friendly travel policies we welcome self defense instructors who can offer a Women’s Self Defense class as part of their volunteer work hours!

b) Creative/Artistic Work

  1. Creative Intern in Hawaii
    Vanilla - Intern doing Creative Work

    Graphic Designer: for Hedonisia logos and social enterprise online projects.

  2. VIDEO Editor/Photographer - We are updating the historical video and photo archives of Hedonisia Hawaii and our Volunteer Instruction Videos. So applicants with experience editing with iMovie are welcome!
  3. Decorative Wood Carver - We have scavenged a number of Ohia tree logs which we used to create the walls of our Eco-Toilet. These native Hawaiian hardwood trees are perfect for decorative carving!
  4. Guerrilla Cook! If you are resourceful and can cook creatively with what we grow on the land and what is donated then, once a week, you can do a cooking shift for the community. Creative dishes can be added to our 'jungle recipe' collection!

c) Community Care

  1. Organizer Office Assistant! organizing the communal and office spaces for maximum efficiency. Mild OCD types are welcome here!
  2. TLC Loving Cleaner! We love that certain someone who enjoys deep cleanings! Whether it's the fridge, kitchen, bathroom, shower, lodgings there exist those people who get a heart felt satisfaction from getting right into the grime and getting it out!
  3. Animal Care & Training. Current animals. Cats: Cleopatra, Samson and Khalifa. About 5 chickens. We welcome volunteers and interns with animal skills!

d) Creative Community Mural Artists

Hedonisia is filled with sensual and quirky murals and art creations located throughout the property completed by artists as part of their Volunteer or Intern activities.

Hedonisia Hawaii was destroyed by the Kilauea eruption. We are Crowdfunding to Rebuild In the meantime we not wallowing in despair and depression from our loss.

Though our operations are limited we still welcome creative Virtual Volunteers.

Travelers or residents who wish to Volunteer for Rent Reduction can do so at our Micro-Community in Portland OR where we are continuing to manage our EcoFeminist Portfolio.

Activist Tech Worker