– Community Video Instructions

Community Video Instructions for Eco-Tourist Education!

At Hedonisia we use video for training purposes and to give prospective volunteers and interns an idea about the work they will be doing at Hedonisia.

Community video allows us to explain ongoing projects in greater depth. We can really talk about larger issues related to each subject rather than just the job at hand. And it is a great way to efficiently train nervous new volunteers who continually arrive at our eco-tourist community!

Here are videos of some of the maintenance and creative ongoing tasks on the property. Volunteers are welcome to suggest additions as they identify chores that need regular attention.

Volunteers and Interns can also be part of the video making process by creating short instructional videos or updating existing ones.


Priority 1: Community Video Instructions for FACILITIES!

Clean, maintained facilities are desirable for Sustainable Community Hygiene and harmony. This is our highest priority.

  1. Kitchen Cleaning Instructions
  2. Community Food Storage
  3. Laundry & Bathroom Cleaning Instructions
  4. Yoga Barn & Hang-Out Zone Beautification
  5. Community Recycling Organization
  6. Community ShopVac Cleaning & Maintenance
  7. Lono Hale Eco-Storage Maintenance
  8. Eco-Friendly Paint Management
  9. Community Compost
  10. Smoking Temple
  11. Community Toolshed & Workshop
  12. Meditation Temple


Priority 2: Community Lodgings

We try to ensure everyone has a clean, comfortable and dry bed space. This is important, because a person who has to sleep under a leaking roof won’t be very happy in the morning!

  1. Aloha Bus Maintenance
  2. Bamboo Hut Maintenance
  3. Campgrounds Maintenance
  4. Puka Hale Maintenance
  5. Lono Hale Maintenance
  6. Jungle Cottage Cleaning Instructions
  7. Guava Hut Maintenance
  8. Kahuna Cabin Maintenance
  9. Ocean View Maintenance
  10. Ohi’a Camper Maintenance
  11. Rollinia House Maintenance
  12. Ulu Hideaway Hut Maintenance

Related to Lodging



Priority 3: Community Land & Gardens

Our first two priorities are always Facilities and Lodgings. Land, Garden and Tech projects come third and fourth!

Locations & Overview



Related Property Instruction and Maintenance Videos

  1. Pond & Outdoor Fish Tank Maintenance
  2. Community Weedwhacking Instructions
  3. Shaving Bark & Sharpening a Machete!
  4. Soil Quarry & Road Rocks
  5. Repair & Maintenance on Crater Tire Trail
  6. Garden Tools & Safety
  7. Fauna Care & Control. Management of pests and pets at community!

Apply to be a Volunteer or Intern in our Hawaii Eco-Community!

Due to positive feedback, we want to make more instructional videos for the various Hedonisia community or social enterprise projects.

 If you have experience or enthusiasm for making short 2-minute instructional videos using Apple iMovie then feel free to apply for our:

  1. Hedonisia Fair-Trade Volunteer Program
  2. Community Management Internship!
Apply: Hedonisia Portland!