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Post-Volcano Options

With the destruction of Hedonisia Hawaii due to the Kilauea volcano eruptionCommunity Director, Mojo moved to Portland where he continues to manage the Hedonisia Activist & EcoFeminist Web Portfolio.

We suffered a great loss with the volcano.

However, Hedonisia still offers variations on our popular Intern, Volunteer & Guest programs where, based on their skills and interests, visitors can contribute Heart, Body or Brain Work!

Hedonisia post-volcano community options:

  1. Hedonisia Solitude – Hawaii Artist & Creatives Colony – From May 2019.
  2. Hedonisia Portland Micro-Community 

Residential Internship in Hawaii!

At our eco-community in Hawaii we welcome enthusiastic, motivated applicants who would like to be part of this unique community where they can:

  1. Live in rain forest lodgings for 2 months up to 1 year!
  2. Learn to manage a community based on eco-tourism and social enterprise.
  3. Enjoy a ‘2-day work week’ which ‘pays’ for your lodgings in paradise!

Our Intern Community Manager Program is an immersive educational work opportunity. You learn how to manage an intentional community based on EcoTourism and Eco-Feminism!

As an Intern Community Manager, you live, work and hang out with Guests, Volunteers, and other Interns. Connecting with others on such a multifaceted way can be challenging but it allows for much deeper friendships to form!

With 5 days off per week, this Internship is perfect for artists, writers, computer workers, telecommuters or musicians who will have ample time and space to do their own work on the property whilst helping to manage an eco-tourist community!

Hedonisia has given me so much growth!  I am eternally grateful for the family I have made & the experiences we’ve shared. I came here a co-dependent burnt out young woman. I am leaving a spiritually sound stress-free Fairy:-) This has been my first time traveling without my family.  I cannot wait to keep learning from the work I do and the people I’ve met. I will always consider Hedo my home and I hope to come back.  Thank you for everything this community has given me. I will miss my Intern Team so incredibly much. I’ll stay in touch. Love and Light always <3 Emily 2015


We have designed an Intern Training Schedule that is fun, educational and inspirational. Most applicants who complete the training and are approved as Intern Community Managers will stay on anywhere from 2 months up to a year!

If you are accepted as an Intern Applicant, there is a one-time Fee which includes training and lodgings at the Hedonisia Hawaii Community for 3 weeks.

Once you are approved and pay the Intern Training Fee, you are given free access to the Hedonisia Handbook; our continually evolving manual for sustainable community management.

For those who are on a tight budget please note that this is a working educational internship not a job! You will not earn any salary. However, with two shifts per week to ‘pay’ your lodgings in Hawaii, you have 5 days off to find a part-time job! Or you can use your days off to work on your entrepreneur project or simply enjoy Hawaii!

TOTAL Cost for 3 Weeks Intern Candidate Volunteer & Shadow Training including Lodging.

All prices INCLUDE Hawaii GE Tax & LODGINGS for 3 weeks!

Single AdultCouple


Check out our Intern & Volunteer FAQ where we answer many of the questions you may have about the intern program.

  • For general questions about Hedonisia or Hawaii, call the Intern Manager on Duty: 808-430-9903 during Hawaii business hours.
  • For questions about the internship call Mojo, the Community Director: 808-269-2825. 

Intern Community Participant Application Form!
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