Activist Tech Volunteer or Intern

Hedonisia Activist Tech Worker Volunteer & Profit-Sharing Projects

Hedonisia Eco-Community gives an opportunity for tech volunteers to contribute their skills based on their interests, education, and experience. Simply  choose the sites you can work on as a volunteer or under our Profit Sharing Program. The Hedonisia Profit Sharing Agreement is customized to the skill level, energy, and knowledge that the applicant brings to the project.

For qualified applicants, we offer profit sharing equity stakes in select projects from the Hedonisia EcoFeminist & Activist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

An applicant has to show abilities, skills, original, creative research, and enthusiasm working on the project they choose.

A Profit Sharing Agreement can be for 3-7 years and would be customized to the skill level, energy, and knowledge that an intern brings to the project.

  1. Mobile App Developer. Our goal is to create a Pro-Choice Natural Miscarriage Mobile App giving Reproductive Rights Abortion Information to women in an easy to use and private format.
  2. Hedonista CrowdFund Platform. We are seeking a WordPress App expert who can either develop a Crowdfunding platform site from scratch or customize an existing crowdfund template for this project.

We seek Tech Workers with the following skills:

  1. WordPress Web Developer
  2. Android or Apple Mobile App Developer
  3. SEO Marketing Specialist
  4. Social Network Marketing
  5. Graphic Design - (logos and image editing)
  6. Digital Video Producer &/or Editor

Ongoing Hedonisia Project Tasks

  1. New videos for YouTube about information on Hedonisia projects.
  2. Promoting websites through social networks.
  3. Search Engine Optimization for all websites.
  4. Ongoing improvements for content layout and templates for websites.
  5. Increasing online security protocols to guard against hackers.
  6. Implementing needed WP plugins and widgets for improved visitor experience.
  7. Update images and content layout in both public and member's areas.
  8. Updates on Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools on all sites.

Hedonisia Activist Worker Profit Sharing Agreement

In the interests of transparency, we publish the draft of our working agreement. This can be customized to each individual's work contribution and skills.

Hedonisia Activist Worker Application

If you are a skilled Tech Worker who would like to use their skills in any of the above activist projects please feel free to apply.