Hedonisia Virtual Volunteer Program

Virtual Volunteer & Intern Contributor

The subjects we address in our books and workshops are relevant globally. We have welcomed over 300 volunteers and interested supporters from around the world.

Feel free to contribute either through Membership Support or by being a Virtual Volunteer.

Volunteers can have the following skills, interests, or experience:

  1. Creative Virtual Volunteer Work

    Creative Virtual Volunteer Work

    Writing & Research. One of our biggest volunteer projects is writing and researching for our books articles and classes.

  2. Life Experience. We understand that a well-lived life can bring insights into our discussion subjects.
  3. Higher Education. Students should be at least in the first year of college-level study in any of the following subjects: sociology, women's studies, human sexuality, international affairs, psychology, holistic health studies, liberal arts, humanities, environmental studies, communications, or political science.
  4. Online Research. Experience with online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines). Including writing, footnotes, and bookmarks. Experience with online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines)
  5. Computer Proficiency. Include experience with Google Docs,
  6. Web design. This site is written in WordPress.
  7. SEO, or other related Social Media experience for online promotion and exposure.
  8. Related Work Experience can be substituted for formal education experience. Please specify what related work experience you have. We prefer applicants with skills, interests, and experience relevant to the projects they wish to work on!
  9. Graphic Design. We continue to create graphics, illustrations, and video snippets to illustrate our various book and video projects. Photoshop or AI tools are welcome
  10. Video Editing Skills. We seek volunteers with video editing experience to work on creating videos for the Diversity & Free Speech Workshops as well as the Hedonisia Book Trilogy.
  11. Certificate of Completion: If the Volunteer is a student, then we can adjust their hours to reflect the requirements of their educational institution.

Hedonisia Volunteer Projects

Pleasurable Activism Publications - The Hedonisia Book Trilogy

Volunteer Editor, Proofreader, Illustrator, Video Creator

  1. Cougars for World Peace: Benefits to Society of Women as Sensual Mentors to Younger Men.
  2. Warrior WoMan: A Military but not Militant, Path to Power, Pleasure & Peace for the Planet.
  3. Talking Sh*t & Sugar: Pleasurable free speech communication in a sensitive world.

The Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech Workshops. We are looking for volunteers who would like to help us create a video workshop using AI images and video generation.

Hedonisia Volunteer/Intern Profit-Sharing

If a volunteer shows, dedication, and aptitude over six months. And if they wish to see the project they are working on through to completion or publication, they can apply to be an Intern Contributor. We offer a small profit-sharing agreement as a token of appreciation to interns for their ongoing support.

Be sure to let us know in your application which project you'd like to work on.

Virtual Volunteer Application