Virtual Volunteer

Virtual Volunteer from anywhere around the World!

Shannon Virtual Graphic Artist Volunteer
Shannon: Virtual Graphic Artist Volunteer

The Hedonisia community works on a number or projects with a global reach. We offer a Virtual Volunteer program where you can 'work from home' on our activist and ecofeminist web projects.

You do not have to come to Hawaii to be a virtual volunteer! If accepted, virtual volunteers can work in advance from their home to build up and 'bank' their volunteer hours in exchange for lodgings for a future stay at Hedonisia Hawaii!

Most of our virtual volunteer positions are registered with Volunteer Match, an organization that brings volunteers and causes from around the world.

Virtual Volunteer Projects

Unfortunately, due to the Kilauea eruption destroying the Hedonisia Hawaii community we can no longer offer the vacation option listed below. However, we do give a Certificate of Appreciation and Employer Reference for Virtual Volunteers.

And we offer a Volunteer for Rent Reduction Option for those who live in, or plan to visit, Portland OR where we now have our Micro-Community.

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Virtual Volunteer Skill Requirements

Virtual Tech Volunteer Leonardo in Italy
Virtual Volunteer Leonardo from Italy

If you are planning a future vacation at Hedonisia Hawaii there are additional requirements for virtual volunteers who wish to use their banked hours.

- Research and Writing skills
- Work Related Experience in any of the above web projects.
- WordPress Skills (plugins and site design)
- Education: Women's studies, Sociology, Humanities, Liberal Arts degree etc.
- Social Media or SEO for our websites
- Video Editing (Youtube, iMovie or other video experience)
- Digital Photo Organization (in Google Photos or iCloud)


Hedonisia Hawaii Virtual Volunteer Stay Requirements

Though our community is destroyed, we intend to return and rebuild. For Virtual Volunteers who make great contributions we can still offer the vacation stay benefits if we succeed in our effort!

  1. Volunteer Hours per week of stay. 'Save' your hours and 'bank' them! We require 12 hours volunteer work per week of stay in a shared space lodging. Lodging spaces are 'jungle style' and rustic. They have only 2 beds and are shared with one other person of the same gender.
  2. Time Estimates. Because we cannot monitor a volunteer's virtual work, we accept estimates based on the quality of work produced. We seek volunteers who support and enjoy the work we are doing so they will do their best at it and even 'work extra' because it is enjoyable!
  3. Community Support Shift. When a visitor stays for longer than a week without any contribution they tend to act more like a hotel guest rather than being part of a community. Virtual volunteers have a much deeper experience when they actually do a Community Support Shift of 3 hours per week.
  4. $75 One-Time Processing Fee. If a volunteer has worked 30 hours virtually, then they only have to pay $75 for a two-week stay at our community in Hawaii. The $75 fee is good for stays up to two months.
  5. Keep track of volunteer hours! When you email about your volunteer work, remember to send the link to the page(s) you have worked on and in the subject line of the email you put the hours in. That way we keep track of a running total.

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to apply now!
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