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Thank you for your payment for the Diversity and Free Speech Communication Workshop.

This confirmation page is for the three different workshop programs so you can see the various options that we offer"

1. Individual Private Workshop on Diversity, Communication and Free Speech.

As this is a Private Workshop we can speak via Zoom or Facetime if you would like to communicate face to face. Or we can conduct the workshop as a phone session. The choice is yours 🙂

Please let us know if you have a particular concern or issue related to communication about issues of race, gender, orientation etc. The issue or challenge can be a professional workplace situation or in more social settings. In this way, we can customize the workshop to your needs.

2. Hedonisia DFS Business Communication Workshop

Our corporate and organizational workshop is an alternative program to the current Diversity, Inclusion and Equity programs that are currently in vogue with questionable results.

3. Diversity and Free Speech Workshop for Adults in Social Settings

For those in relationships or interested in enjoying better communication with friends and acquaintances with others of a different group, this workshop is a great introduction into social and intimate communication between people of different social or racial identities.

We look forward to working with you,

Mojo Mustapha - Community Workshop Director

I am currently traveling internationally so my time zones fluctuate.

Please contact us via email or telephone/text 808-269-2825 to arrange a suitable time for your workshop.

Email:   Telephone: 808-269-2825