Post-Volcano Community Rebirth

Hedonisia Hawaii Writer & Artist Colony

Social Entrepreneurs, Writers, Techies, and other Creatives

As we slowly prepare for our eventual return to the original land we are changing the nature of our community. We will still offer volunteer, intern, and guest programs. However, they will be for a community with a maximum population of 6 - 10 people in 5 eco-huts and two camping spots.

This will be a different kind of community than Hedonisia Hawaii which was much more 'touristy'. The government recently passed a law banning new vacation rentals in residential zones.

The new Hedonisia Hawaii will be attracting artists, tech workers, writers, social entrepreneurs and other creatives who want an affordable place to stay in Paradise. A cozy place where they can live with other like-minded creatives while they work on their projects.

Stays will be for 6 months or more under government regulation to qualify as rentals. Of course, nobody will be forced to stay that long! And we will pro-rate the costs of your stay if you decide to leave earlier than six months.

Pioneer Volunteer Stage: Accepting Reservations from December 2021

During this time our community will be different from before. We will still offer eco-tourist and eco-feminist community programs and green vacation rentals.

However, we will be more of an artist colony, writer's residence, creative colony, social entrepreneur startup incubator, with an ecofeminist foundation.

One of the biggest complaints we had about the old community was how busy it was! With only 6 huts, we will not have a population of more than 12 people who will be staying longer.

These are the new evolving programs we will be offering:

  1. Resident Guest: Private Hut for $650 a month or Dorm Guest for $400 a month plus 3 hours volunteer work per week.
  2. Resident Volunteer: Private Hut for $450 a month or Dorm Guest for $400 a month plus 12 hours volunteer work per week.
  3. Resident Intern Manager: One-time training fee of $695 which includes 3 weeks lodging for stays of 6 months to one year. Volunteer requirement is 3 x 8-hour shifts per week.

However, the idea is that the new Hedonisia Artist & Writers Colony will be a place where a person can settle in and work on their creative projects while living in the volcano zone of Hawaii.

With our volcanic history, Hedonisia will now be a place for creative reflection, where people stay and really get to know Hawaii rather than the quick in and out of a typical tourist.

Activist Tech Worker

If you'd like to be part of the Pioneer Rebuilding Team use the above application.

Apply for Hedonisia Micro-Community Rebuilding Volunteer & Guest Programs

If you would like to be part of the Hedonisia Artist & Creatives Rebuilding we are starting to accept applications for staying from December, 2021.

For more info please contact:
Mojo - Community Director