Hedonisia Guava Land

Eco-Friendly Tiny Home & Micro-Community

Hedonisia Hawaii Writer & Artist Colony

EcoFriendly Builders, Social Entrepreneurs, Writers, Techies, & other Creatives

The original Hedonisia property is currently not open to the public due to the roads being covered in lava from the Kilauea volcanic eruption. We are still waiting for legal road access.

Special Deal for Skilled Volunteers or Builders

Pioneer Volunteer Stage

On a nearby property which we own, we have designed a custom tiny home that is built of Strawberry Guava, a fast-growing tropical hardwood that is an invasive species in Hawaii.

The hut is literally being built from the forest grove of Strawberry Guava trees. It is located on land we own near to our original volcanic property.

From March, 2022. During this stage, we welcome volunteer 'eco-builders'. We offer a special rate of $200 flat fee to anyone who has building or carpentry skills for a stay of 1 - 3 months.

We are seeking ecofriendly builders or carpenters who enjoy working with renewable and recycled materials:

  1. Carpenter - Repairing, improving and building small projects and custom furniture. We try to use Strawberry Guava as our primary building resource.
  2. Eco-Builder. Resourceful builders using eco-friendly methods, recycled materials and can work with a natural wood like Strawberry Guava.
Volunteer Guest Tent Space
Volunteer Guest Tent Space

We still offer volunteer, intern, and guest programs. However, they are more focussed on individuals and couples enjoying a stay with more solitude than the pre-volcano Hedonisia which was much more 'touristy' and community oriented.

Mojo & Bodhi creating a solid lumber foundation for a Tiny Home.
We built the tiny home foundation from dimensional lumber. The rest is natural Strawberry Guava

With our volcanic history, Hedonisia Guava Land will be a place for creative reflection, where people stay and really get to know Hawaii rather than the quick visit of a typical tourist.

Hedonisia Guava Land - Tiny Home Building Site Canopy
Hedonisia Guava Land - Tiny Home Building Site Canopy

If you have building experience you can apply to be part of our pioneer team. Eco-Builders, Landscapers, Artists & Creatives will find much enjoyment in the Hedonisia building phase of the eco-hut and camping lodgings. We are creating a space that is a peaceful place to work on Hedonisia and other creative or intellectual projects.

As an off-grid lodging, the camping spot has basic amenities. Drinking water is freely available from a public stand 2 miles away. Electricity will be solar chargers or power packs.

Diagram of partial A-frame tiny home

Heart, Body & Brain Work

From April 2022. At this time we will have our Guava Hut built. We are offering a scaled down version of our pre-volcano Intern and Volunteer programs that allows ample free time to be an 'eco-tourist'.

Hedonisia Guava Land Writer & Creatives Colony will be focussed on attracting artists, tech workers, writers, social entrepreneurs and other creatives who want an affordable, cozy place to stay in paradise. it will be a place where a person can settle in and work on their creative projects while living in the volcano zone of Hawaii.

In the Brain work option, volunteers, guests or interns can choose to work on the web projects in the Hedonisia Creative & EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio based on their experience and interests. And of course there is body work whether on the land or community maintenance chores.

These are the new evolving programs we are offering:

a) Guest Stay

Single adult or couple: $300 a week. There is one required 3-hour per week Community Support Shift of maintenance or beautification and working at your own pace.

b) Intern Program

$695 for a one to three-month stay with a work requirement is 15 hours of heart, body or brain work per week plus maintenance chores.

c) Volunteer Program

$120 the first week and then $60 for each week after that. The volunteer work requirement is 12 hours a week on brain, heart or body work. Even if you don't have building skills you can still be a volunteer.

Car Driver Priority

We give priority to applicants who have the budget to purchase or rent a car as the property is more than a mile from Highway 130. While it is possible to walk or hitchhike to the main road, it is not advisable as water and supplies need to be brought in.

Hedonisia Guava Land & Kamaili Forest Farm: Volunteer & Guest Applications

If you would like to be part of the Hedonisia Artist & Creatives Rebuilding we are starting to accept applications for staying from March, 2022.

For more info please contact:
Mojo - Community Director