Hedonisia Hawaii Creative & Artist Colony Tiny Home

Hedonisia Tiny Home Micro-Community

The original Hedonisia property is currently not open to the public due to the roads being covered in lava from the Kilauea volcanic eruption.

Community Director Mojo
Community Director Mojo on the lava covered Hedonisia property

We are looking for applicants who wish to come to Hawaii from March 2022 on our BlackSands Property and March 2023 when we will hopefully have road access.

We will start building Hedonisia Creative Artist Colony and Social Entrepreneur Incubator with our first eco-friendly tiny hut.

Hedonisia Tiny Home allows much more time for you to settle down and be creative in ‘island time’. As an isolated location surrounded by lava it is a perfect affordable getaway during this Coronavirus time.

Even if you don't have building skills you can still be a volunteer.

Eco-Builders, Landscapers, Artists & Creatives

Taking reservations from December 2021 for Kamaili Forest Farms and BlackSands Beach

For our first eco-hut, we are looking for pioneers who wish to live in an environment of rustic solitude!

By beginning as an Artist Colony, we are creating a space that is a peaceful place to work on Hedonisia and their own creative or intellectual projects.

The hut will have very basic amenities. Drinking water is freely available from a public stand 2 miles away. Electricity will be solar chargers or power packs.

Hedonisia BlackSands & Kamaili Pioneers - Volunteer, Intern & Guest Programs

The Hedonisia land now has a smaller grow area than our 4-acre pre-volcano jungle! 75% of the land was covered by lava. Currently 125' x 50' has already been bulldozed flat so is suitable for building.

We are offering a scaled down version of our original Intern and Volunteer programs who will have ample free time to get a job in town or to just be an 'eco-tourist'!

Until we return to our original land, we no longer offer Nightly or Weekly stays. In the Hedonisia Solitude phase, we will only have a single eco-hut.

As a result, all options are available for a minimum 3-month stay.

a) Guest Stay:

Single adult or couple: $300 a month. There is one required 3-hour per week Community Support Shift of maintenance or beautification and working at your own pace!

b) Intern Program!

One-time fee of $695 for a three to six-month stay. The work requirement is 12 hours of heart, body or brain work per week plus property maintenance and upkeep.

c) Volunteer Program

$120 the first week and then $60 for each week after that. The volunteer work requirement is 12 hours a week on brain, heart or body work.

Heart, Body & Brain Work

Volunteers, guests or interns can work on the sites in the Hedonisia Creative & EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio based on their experience and interests.

Under our Heart work option, artistic painters and muralists can also use their skills to paint Hedonisia eco-feminist art murals on our first post volcano eco-hut in the tradition of our original community murals.

And of course there will still be body work whether on the land or in community maintenance chores.


Car Driver Priority

We give priority to applicants who have the budget to purchase or rent a car as the property is more than a mile from the 130 highway. While it is possible to walk or hitchhike to the main road, it is not advisable as water and supplies need to be brought in.

Special Deal for Skilled Volunteers or Builders

During this stage, we welcome volunteer 'eco-builders' who can create 'tiny homes'. We offer a special rate of $100 flat fee to anyone who has building or carpentry skills.

We love applicants who enjoy work using renewable and recycled materials!

  1. Carpenter - Repairing, improving and building small projects and custom furniture. We try to use materials to build with such as  Strawberry Guava which is a fast-growing tropical hardwood that is an invasive species in Hawaii as well as our various varieties of Bamboo to create eco-friendly tourist lodgings.
  2. Eco-Construction and Eco-Builder. Resourceful builders using eco-friendly methods, recycled materials or Bamboo or other locally sourced wood or scrap building materials.

If you have home building experience feel free to apply to be part of our pioneer team.

Hedonisia Blacksands & Kamaili Forest Farms Volunteer & Guest Programs

For more info please contact:
Mojo - Community Director