Community Director

Mojo Mustapha – Founder of Hedonisia Hawaii

Mojo was born in England with parents who immigrated from Trinidad. He studied Sociology and Women’s Studies in Canada. After university, he started traveling. He has been to 35 countries with the latest being Iceland where he attended the 2019 #MeToo International Conference in Reykjavik.

Mojo Hedonisia Community Director
Mojo Hedonisia Community Director

Mojo has lived in many community settings around the world. A Kibbutz in Israel, a Japanese ‘Gaijin House’, a tantric community near Amsterdam and an Ashram in India were among the many alternative communities he was a participated in.

When Mojo started Hedonisia Hawaii in 2004, it was a challenge to clean up the, rusting cars junk and trash on the land left by the previous owner who was a mechanic. Nevertheless, his approach to community-based eco-tourism was an immediate success with visitors coming from around the world.

As the Community Director, Mojo was not satisfied with simply creating an eco-hostel in paradise. Over the years, Hedonisia slowly evolved into an ecofeminist community.

The Hedonisia Community Volunteer Programs

Based on his travels he wanted to create a community that worked the land but was also intellectually activist. We divided our work into BrainBody and Heart work options, which allowed many kinds of visitors to come and enjoy a discount working vacation in Hawaii where they could contribute their own heart, body or brain skills and experience.

Volunteers, guests, and interns are welcome to work on any websites in our Hedonisia Entrepreneur Web Portfolio they have interest, enthusiasm, or experience with.

Mojo Hedonisia Post-Volcano Kipuka
Mojo Hedonisia Post-Volcano Kipuka

Post-Volcano Mojo in his own words:

Hedonisia Hawai Eco-Feminist Community took 4 days to be inundated in the eruption. The community was supposed to be the culmination of my life’s work. Now, almost everything I owned and worked for, is now under lava.

Our beautiful community now only exists in our memories and our website. It was much more than a community on a piece of land. It was a very personal relationship. I felt married to this land for 14 years. Now I feel like the widower of a loving spouse who died in a tragic accident.

To lose 90% of your assets and income in one day is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person. Losing my community to the Kilauea volcano was devastating on a personal as well as economic level.

It has been a painful adjustment. However, we have only one life. So, despite the great sadness, I feel inside, I try to keep a smile on my face and focus on rebuilding.

I continue to work on the Hedonisia EcoFeminist Web Portfolio. I feel hopeful about our rebuilding program and welcome you to be part of our rebirth.

The volcano was the most traumatic period of my life. And then came Covid 19. Two apocalypses in two years!

Here are some tips on how I survived my first apocalypse. They might help you to stay positive in these challenging times.

    1. Let yourself cry. From the moment two years ago on the morning of May 27, 2018, when I discovered the lava had taken my property, I let the tears flow. I did not try to be a macho male type and hold it all in. I just let it flow. It was very cleansing. I would often smile and feel strangely relieved after a good cry.
    2. Take stock of your life. When you are in crisis, it’s a great time to really take a hard look at your life. A crisis is a time of danger and opportunity. It is a great time to make major changes in the direction of your life. 
    3. Use the downtime to work on your dreams. I did exactly that and so I have lots of projects in the Hedonisia EcoFeminist Portfolio that keeps me busy and engaged which has the added benefit of keeping me in a more positive frame of mind.
    4. See the Positives in a Crisis. Nature is returning. All the Covid lockdowns across the world are giving a much needed break for Mother Nature. Pollution is down, wildlife roamed around as ‘tourists’ in many cities. One could argue that Mother Nature put the human race under house arrest for the crimes committed against the environment.6

Stay safe everyone. Wishing you all much aloha in these challenging times.

Mojo Mustapha
Hedonisia Hawaii Community Director