Hedonisia Post-Volcano Lodging & Volunteer Options

The 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption destroyed Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-community. Our land is 75% covered by lava. We are still waiting for the government to build road access to our property.
We have shed many tears over our loss. However, we have not given up.

For our post-volcano reconstruction, we are planning a tiny home community in Hawaii.

In the interim, we are offering lodging and volunteer opportunities at two nearby properties:

Work & Educational Volunteer, Intern, and Resident Opportunities

Our lodgings on both properties are rustic, with only minimal amenities. However, you will enjoy a volcanic Hawaii camping experience on a very unique piece of land. We seek pioneers during this informal period when we will be rebuilding. In Phase 1, we can offer stays with basic Hawaii camping and tent lodgings.

During this phase you will be reliant on bringing in resources which is why we recommend having a car. The eco-huts will have no electricity. Plumbing is basic. Drinking water is freely available from a public stand 2 miles away. Electricity is solar chargers and power packs.

While we are seeking builders in our initial phase, if you don’t have building skills you can still be a volunteer. There are many jobs an unskilled person can do, as long as they have an enthusiasm for learning.

There are only 9 hours per week of volunteering. So you will have lots of time to enjoy Hawaii.

Volunteer stays during can be as little as one week. The cost is affordable for this working vacation. Hawaii Camping lodgings are $45 per wk or $200 per month for Pioneer Volunteers. Discounts can be given for those with construction experience.

Hedonisia Community Director, Mojo is happy to give free and paid tours to different island attractions as well as grocery and beach trips.

We are offering Volunteer, Intern & Guest Programs for Volunteers, interns and guests who, as with our pre-volcano community, can do HeartBody & Brain Work to reduce the cost of their stay.

Calls to Action

Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of the volcano, is a female deity. So it ironic She chose to destroy a unique, popular ecofeminist community supporting female empowerment. Such are the ironies of life.

There is a Hawaiian saying: "Ukuli'i ka pua, onaona I ka mau'u" (tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses all around it). It translates to 'small things can have a great influence'. We continue working on the projects in our Activist & EcoFeminist Web Portfolio that made our community such a unique place.

Moving forward, we are working on options to rebirth the Hedonisia community.

We own another small piece of land. It was spared from the current lava flow. It is a great temporary home for a beautiful cozy 'Hedonisia Guava Land Creative Colony'. So we are selling it to raise funds to rebuild on our original land.

1. Hedonisia Hawaii Rebirth

Hedonisia was a unique EcoFeminist Community. At our pre-volcano community, we tried to show that it is possible to make a living by being a 'pleasurable activist'.

2. Follow us on social media

Our hope is to take the story of our Pre-Volcano Community and bring it out to the world. We welcome posts about us on social media. Or simply subscribe to the Hedonisia YouTube Channel.

3. Send Donations to Help us Rebuild

You can make direct donations with Paypal to help us with our immediate needs.

Application Form

Apply for the Hedonisia Guava Land Artist & Creatives Colony or Kamaili Forest Farm