Post Volcano Community Options

Destruction & Creation – Moving Forward

It is so ironic that the Goddess of the volcano Pele chose to completely destroy a unique and popular ecofeminist community dedicated to female empowerment. Such are the ironies of life. 🙁

We will always remember the beautiful community we once were. We have preserved the Hedonisia Pre-Volcano Community Archives for those who wish to view the community as it was before we were evacuated on May 3, 2018.

There is a Hawaiian saying: “Ukuli’i ka pua, onaona I ka mau’u” (tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses all around it). It translates to ‘small things can have a great influence’. We continue working on the projects in our Activist & EcoFeminist Web Portfolio that made our community such a unique place!

Moving forward, we are working on options to rebirth the Hedonisia community.

We own another small piece of land. It was spared from the current lava flow. It is a great temporary home for a beautiful cozy ‘Hedonisia Artist & Creative Colony‘!

Hedonisia Hawaii Rebirth! Calls to Action!

Hedonisia was a unique EcoFeminist Community. We are trying to build publicity for our rebirth through social media and the press to increase our chances of our story going viral and international.

Publicity. Subscribe to our social media!

Our hope is to take the story of our Pre-Volcano Community and bring it out to the world. We welcome posts about us on social media. Or simply subscribe to the Hedonisia YouTube Channel!

The Hedonisia philosophy: We try to show that it is possible create a community and to make a living by being a ‘pleasurable activist’!

We have shed many tears over our loss. However, we have not given up! Thanks to all of you who support us and the work we are doing.

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Post Volcano Community Options

  • Hedonisia Solitude. In December 2019, we plan to use our small piece of land we own to create a mini-Hedonisia community. This will be our temporary home while we prepare to return to our original land.
    It the beginning, we will start with a single rustic Hut on land. Ideal for single or couple. Accepting reservations from June 2019!
  • Virtual Volunteer. For those who can’t make it to Hawaii but who wish to work on our EcoFeminist Web Portfolio.
  • Portland Micro-Community Roommate. For those who wish to live in a city and be able to volunteer on our EcoFeminist web projects for partial rent reduction!
Apply for Hedonisia Solitude!

Apply for the Hedonisia Solitude Artist & Creatives Colony

For more info please contact:
Mojo – Community Director