Post Volcano Community Options

Volunteer to help with our Hawaii Rebirth

As we revamp this website, we will still keep our Historical Archive of the Pre-Volcano Community.

However, other pages will be rebuilt for the new community options we are offering as we expand the Hedonisia brand of community living!

Post Volcano Community Options

  • Hedonisia Solitude. In the summer of 2019, we plan to use our small piece of land we own to create a mini-Hedonisia community. This will be our temporary home while we prepare to return to our original land.
    It the beginning, we will start with a single rustic Hut on land. Ideal for single or couple. Accepting reservations from June 2019!
  • Virtual Volunteer. For those who can’t make it to Hawaii but who wish to work on our EcoFeminist Web Portfolio.
  • Portland Micro-Community Roommate. For those who wish to live in a city and be able to volunteer on our EcoFeminist web projects for partial rent reduction!
Apply for Hedonisia Solitude!

This is our first draft application for those who would like to be part of the Hedonisia Artist & Creatives Colony which we hope to officially open in January 2020!

For more info please contact:
Mojo – Community Director