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Working towards a better world does not have to be a miserable process of sacrifice. A foundation of pleasurable activism is more sustainable than one of sacrifice. We write about practical solutions to social and environmental issues.

Hedonisia PublicationsHedonisia Publications has a portfolio of books that address serious issues but at the same time are quirky, fun, and practical. As a Member, you can read these books in their raw manuscript form as we prepare them for publication.

Members enjoy Commenter status in the Google manuscript. This allows them to be part of the project by offering a suggestion or correction. If your suggestion is accepted you can request to be listed in the credits of the book.

More importantly, you can play a role in shaping the content of these relevant projects, not only in America but in cultures and regions across the globe.

Hedonisia Membership

As a Member, you gain access to our book manuscripts as we prepare them for publication. Members are invited to be part of the discussions by offering constructive criticism or corrections. If accepted, members can receive credit for their contributions.

  • Members receive a 25% discount on any Hedonisia DFS course they choose.
  • Enjoy access to first-draft manuscripts of Hedonisia books.

Hedonisia Pleasurable Activism Books

  1. Cougars for World Peace - Benefits to Society of Female Mentor Relationships
  2. Warrior WoMan -  A Yin-Yang Path to Pleasure & Peace for the Planet
  3. Talking Sh*t & Sugar - Pleasurable free speech in a sensitive world

Hedonisia Membership

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