Post Volcano Volunteers!

Volunteer to help with our Hawaii Rebirth in January 2019!

The land is covered in lava. Large sections of road are gone. There is no electricity, water or sewage. In order to rebuild on the land, we need a temporary operating base where we have easier access to resources.  

In January 2019, we plan to create a temporary home at our small piece of land in the nearby Black Sands Subdivision for a mini-Hedonisia community. That will give us time to still enjoy a small piece of paradise as we go through the process to return to our lava land or be relocated elsewhere by the government.

We welcome volunteers or any inventive carpenter or 'eco-builder' who can create sustainable structures using alternative materials.

Eco-Builder Volunteer from Germany
Hans! German Eco-Builder

We love applicants who enjoy work using renewable and recycled materials!

  1. Carpenter - Repairing, improving and building small projects and custom furniture. We try to use materials to build with such as  Strawberry Guava which is a fast-growing tropical hardwood that is an invasive species in Hawaii as well as our various varieties of Bamboo to create eco-friendly tourist lodgings such as Puka Hale.
  2. Eco-Construction and Eco-Builder. Resourceful roofers or builders who can build and repair using eco-friendly methods, recycled materials or Bamboo or other locally sourced wood or scrap building materials.

Even if you don't have building skills you can still be a volunteer!

We will be clearing guava trees and also doing lava hike reconnaissance missions to the original Hedonisia property to see our rebuilding options.

Apply Now!

For more info please contact:
Mojo - Community Director