20th Century Mojo Bio & Travel History

From Islam to Hedonisia

Photo History of a Traveler & Pleasurable Activist

There is a difference between a tourist and a traveler. A tourist is someone who visits a country for two weeks or less. They stay at a hotel or hostel, take many photos, and leave with some pleasant memories.

A traveler is someone who immerses themselves in the country's culture through working, living, volunteering, or being in a relationship with a local resident. A traveler's life and viewpoints can fundamentally change from their experiences. At the very least, travelers learn adaptability and gain greater perspective.

To give a time definition in this photo history, a traveler stays at least a month in one country. For a truly immersive cultural experience, a traveler can live there for months or even years, which I've often tried to do.

I list the places I visited or lived in by country except America where every state has a distinct international reputation such as New York and Hawaii.

The later years are still being organized and curated to show where experiences from my travels provided anecdotes and long-term data that form part of the intellectual foundations for both the Hedonisia Book Trilogy and DFS workshops.

Though the photos are of my life, they feature other people from around the world. I'm currently wrestling with the issue of whether I should blur the faces of everyone from my 20th-century life. I have to be especially respectful because, in 1988, I had my first official girlfriend who was from Switzerland. She started me on a journey of international dating and relationships that influenced much of my adult life.

Most of the women I dated have moved on, had kids, marriages, and so on. I respect their right to privacy so I'm working on a process to digitally alter faces in a way that is visually consistent with the context of the photo.

Until that issue is resolved, I'm only listing some photos up to the year 1986.

I'm in no hurry to publish the 21st-century pics because my formative ideas were born in the 20th century. The final quarter of the 20th century was the last period in world history before the internet, phone cameras, and social media changed everything.

All the photos from the 20th century were taken with film and digitally converted or scanned.

To be continued!

Age Year Visited as a Tourist Lived in as a Resident or Traveler Album Link & Year
0-2 1964 Born in UK. First 9 years there.






2 1966   Trinidad, UK
2-9 1966-73   UK
9-15 1973-8 UK Trinidad
15-17 1978-80 UK
17 1981 Canada  


18 1882 Canada 1982


1983 New York, Trinidad, Canada 1983 
20 1984 Barbados, Trinidad, Canada  


21 1985   Canada  


22 1986 Netherlands, New York Canada


23 1987 Israel, UK Canada  
24 1988 Egypt, UK Israel, Canada  
25 1989 Hungary, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Austria Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, Thailand  
26 1990 Korea Thailand, Japan  
27 1991 Thailand, UK, Canada,  India, Netherlands  
28 1992 UK, Canada, Hong Kong India, Netherlands, Germany  
29 1993 Canada, UK, Indiana India, Hong Kong, Japan, California, Netherlands  
30 1994 UK, Netherlands India, Germany,   
31 1995 Zimbabwe, Swaziland Germany, South Africa, Canada  
32 1996 Panama Costa Rica, Canada  
33 1997 Thailand Australia, Canada  
34 1998 Canada  
35 1999 Czech Republic, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Hawaii Canada  
36 2000 Netherlands, Canada, UK, Germany Hawaii  
37 2001 UK Netherlands, Canada, Hawaii  
38 2002 UK,  Canada, Germany,   
39 2003 UK, Netherlands Canada, Hawaii  
40 2004 Canada, Hawaii  
40-44 2008 Germany, UK, California Hawaii  
45 2009 UK Hawaii, Netherlands, Germany  
46 2010 UK Denmark, Hawaii  
47 2011 UK Hawaii, Spain  
48 2012 UK Oregon, Hawaii  
49 2013 UK, Sweden, Ireland, Canada France, Denmark,   
50 2014 UK, California, Norway Italy, Netherlands, Hawaii  
51 2015 Panama, Costa Rica, Florida Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon  
52 2016   Hawaii, Oregon  
53 2017   Hawaii, Oregon  
54 2018 Hawaii, Oregon  
55 2019 Iceland, UK, Germany, Nevada Hawaii, Oregon  
56 2020 Idaho, Washington Hawaii, Oregon  
57 2021 UK, Canada Oregon, Hawaii  
58 2022 Oregon, UK, Canada Hawaii
59 2023 Thailand Hawaii
60 2024 Thailand, UK, Canada