Volunteer – Heart Work

Heart work is for volunteer or intern work trade contributions that are a bit more on the creative side.

Of course, many of our ‘body‘ or ‘mind‘ jobs’ are also creative. For Interns, any Eco-Tourist Customer Relations work is on the Heart side.

Community Mural Artists

Hedonisia was filled with sensual and quirky murals and art creations located throughout the property completed by artists as part of their Volunteer or Intern activities.

As an ecofeminist community, we featured warrior women as a theme in the mural art on the property.

It is not typical for women to be depicted as warriors, powerful or aggressive while still being sex-positive and enjoying of their femininity. This theme turned out to be very popular and inspirational for visitors to our old community!

We would like to continue with murals depicting empowered women in our Hedonisia Rebirth community.

Our first eco-hut at Hedonisia Solitude will have blank walls for art mural paintings. Ideal for volunteers, longer staying guests or interns with mural painting skills!

Graphic Designer: for Hedonisia logos and social enterprise online projects.

VIDEO Editor/Photographer – We are updating the historical video and photo archives of Hedonisia Hawaii. Applicants with experience editing with Apple iMovie are welcome.

OCD & TLC Cleaner 🙂 We love those who enjoy deep cleanings! Whether it’s the fridge, kitchen, bathroom, shower, lodgings there exist those people who get a heartfelt satisfaction from getting right into the grime and getting it out.