Kamaili Forest Farm


In lower Puna two friends who I have known since before I started Hedonisia Hawaii in 2004 are converting their beautiful property into an agricultural forest farm eco-community. They offer a rustic lodgings in Hawaii for Guests, Volunteers and Interns.

As an off-grid tiny home with few amenities, we are creating a peaceful private space for residents to work on Hedonisia and their own creative projects.

Rainbow Jungle Hut

Kamaili Forest Farm Micro-Community offers Guest, Intern and Volunteer programs for those who wish to do HeartBody or Mind work to enjoy a discounted stay. It is ideal for the creative person or couple who wants to enjoy affordable solitude in Hawaii.

You will have ample time to get a job in town. Or you can enjoy your free time being an ‘eco-tourist’ in one of the most beautiful islands, Hawaii.

As a result, we are offering a PIONEER DISCOUNT of 50% OFF all prices below in spring/summer 2022

  1. Living Situation: The Host Farmer, Joanna, and Mojo, the Community Director, will be coming by to work, provide assistance, and coordinate volunteer activities.  For the most part, however, you will have the place to yourselves.  Though your lodgings are rustic, there is a flush toilet in the main building, which is undergoing renovations.  There is also a composting toilet within 30 feet of Rainbow Hut. Right now there is no electricity or running water, though both are in progress.  We do have jungle solutions for these issues, such as hauling water in, using solar camp showers, and using small generators or solar arrays for limited power usage.   
  2. Security: This property, like many in the Puna district, has experienced theft when someone is not staying overnight at the property.  We advise all guests to secure their important items as there are no locks on the property.  We are working on further security measures currently. 
  3. Food: The main house will house a basic jungle kitchen, with water, sink, propane stove and basic food storage (cooler and rodent-proof food cage). 
  4. Wifi: We have great AT&T reception in our area and plan to have a permanent hotspot available on the land.

Lodgings Offered:

  1. Rainbow Cabin: A cute rustic eco-hut with large insect screens to allow in light. Double mattress is suitable for couples or singles.
  2. Hexagon Hut: Yes it's true, this hut is a real hexagon. Wood interior. Though it's small and cozy, its perfect for a single person.
  3. Jungle Tree House: A rambling big house with high ceilings and great views of the jungle. has a certain eccentric charm. It is in need of many repairs but has a working toilet and is a great hanging out space where you can set up tents within.

Kamaili Forest Farm Micro-Community Options:

a) Guest Stay

Single adult or couple: $450 a month.  As a Guest you can work at your own pace. Resident Guests are only required to do work as necessary for the maintenance of the Premises. However, we are really looking for Guests who would like to improve and beautify their jungle home. (This option is currently unavailable until July 2022)

b) Volunteer Program

The volunteer work requirement is 12 hours a week on heart, body or brain work.


  • 1st Week Tryout fee = $120
  • Each Additional Week = $60
  • Total for one month = $300


  • 1st Week Tryout fee = $180
  • Each Additional Week = $90
  • Total for one month = $450

All prices INCLUDE Hawaii State Taxes.

Eco-Community Volunteer in Hawaii

Clearing Jungle Huts!
Clearing Jungle Huts!

You can be a volunteer tourist in Hawaii. A great way to reduce the cost of your stay is to enjoy a ‘volunteer working vacation’.

We live in a tropical rain forest so there’s always land work for those who want a physical workout! For those who like cleaning, we have jobs for you.

Our ‘voluntourism’ options give you the choice to volunteer different hours a week depending on your budget and how much free time you want to enjoy Hawaii.

Types of Volunteer & Intern Work

Skilled Interns or Volunteer in Hawaii

A Volunteer or Intern with special skills can contribute their skilled trades to help with the upkeep of our buildings and retreat facilities. These are some of the ongoing Special Skills Categories we have a need for:

  1. Eco-Builder, Carpenter,
  2. Creator of Tiny Homes
  3. Creative Mural Artist
  4. WordPress, SEO, Social Media Tech Skills
  5. Video Editing & Research skills

Volunteers, Interns, and Guests Online Application

If you have read about our programs and feel ready you can APPLY NOW