ii. Shadow Training Day 1

Intern Training Shadow Day 1

Interns on Duty will demonstrate the routine below with the Candidate, who will spend the evening reading the Body Work section and reviewing the sample questions with the Intern on Duty. The shift will conclude with the closing checklist.

1) Morning Routine – Body Work

AM WORK (Collaborative)

  1. 8:30 AM Intern Shift Start
  2. Portfolio Walk around & Text
  3. Working With Volunteers (Weekdays)
  4. Deep Cleaning Weekends

2) Afternoon Training – Heart Work (Collaborative; Total est. time 90 min).

The intern on Duty should take the Intern Candidate through the following:

  1. Afternoon Routine: Explain some of the maintenance tasks that are a normal part of the afternoon shift. (20 min)
  2. Afternoon Focus Call or text: Show Candidate how to prepare for the 2pm text or call to the Community Director. (10 min)
  3. In-Depth Kitchen Tour – Explain our dish storage system for cooking utensils, bowls, plates, cups, etc. Explain how important it is for ALL community members to wash their own dishes AS they cook not after.
  4. Hedonisia Eco-Shop/Community Toiletries – Point out the collection of toiletries that are free for the community as well as the different items we have for sale including towels, snorkel gear, water bottles, etc.
  5. Donation Box/Lost & Found Policy – Items are placed here as a method of clean-up if things are left out. This is also a great place to find things the guest may need that may have been forgotten or left at home!
  6. Private Office: Show the Candidate the private office and where valuable items are stored there; sewing materials, art supplies etc.  (5 min)
  7. How to use the iPhone (10 min)
    1. Pass-codes to unlock iPhone
    2. Camera and video features 
    3. How to use the iPhone as a hotspot when WiFi is down
    4. How to check the voicemail
    5. How to send and check text messages

4) Late PM- Brain Work (Independent/Collaborative)

The interns on duty will continue working on their normal “Brain Work” project while the Intern Candidate will read Hedonisia Handbook BODY WORK

5) Body Review Sample Questions

9 – 9:30pm – Mock questions for Candidate after reading, using questions from the Handbook

Sample Review questions for Interns to use when training other Candidates.

A mock review is about 15 – 30 minutes and should occur around 9 – 9:30pm after the Intern has finished reading the Body Work section of the Handbook.

The mock review is to familiarize the Candidate with answering open-ended questions. Interns are then free to give the Candidate advice and feedback on how the questions are to be answered.

  1. ASKING, TELLING, DOING: If you were managing Hedonisia and had a great idea about new plants to grow in a garden space, while the Community Director is away, how would you act on this desire?
  2. SHIFT PRIORITY: If you had a plan to work on Garden A but a volunteer complained that the roof is leaking into their sleeping space, what would you do?
  3. INTERN PORTFOLIOS: Tell us about the Intern portfolio.
  4. SHIFT TASKS: What should you be doing around 9 am on a weekday if you are the Intern on shift’?
  5. LAND TASKS: Why are Land Projects considered the last priority?
  6. BREAKFAST ON SHIFT. You like to take the time to prepare and enjoy a leisurely breakfast; how do you do that as the Intern on duty?
  7. WEEKEND DUTY:  What is the main Body Work you do on a weekend?
  8. FAUNA CONTROL: Why must Interns save 10-15 minutes of their shift for the night cleaning?
  9. ECO POLICIES: Name three Eco-Policies that make Hedonisia a sustainable green Community.
  10. PHOTO PROTOCOL: If you are photographing the facilities or lodgings for our website, what are the guidelines for taking an acceptable photo?
  11. CAMPING SPOTS: Do you know where the two camping spots are situated and their names?
  12. CHECKING OUT: What do you do when someone is checking out?
  13. CHECKING IN: How do you process a check-in (full process)?
  14. CHANGE PROPANE: (Instructional Video Needed): Do you know how to change the tank propane?
  15. RAINY WORK DAY: Give 6 ‘rainy day’ tasks you would give to Volunteers.
  16. POWER TOOLS: What is the first thing you should do when preparing to use a power tool you are not experienced with?
  17. CLOSING VOLUNTEER SHIFT: What are the 3 things to be sure to do when closing a weekday Volunteer Shift at 12:30 pm?

5) Closing work (Collaborative) 

  1. Interns will explain the function and importance of Focus Emails
  2. Go through evening cleaning and explaining the pest problems that can arise in the kitchen.
  3. Intern Report: Walk Candidate through the process of completing the Daily Intern Report

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