Community Member – ‘Heart’ Work!

You can’t have a community without people. People are the very reason why we come together to live in the community. The positive aspects of living with myriad people often outweigh the negatives of occasional clashing personalities. While living in the community, we sometimes depend on one another to share resources, meals or just conversation. It’s important that you choose the type of people you want to surround yourself with on a regular basis, and also develop ways to get along during times of strife.

Living together and sharing spaces and facilities can be stressful at times. Issues like having to work around someone else’s shower time, or changing their laundry over might make your blood boil. For that reason, we have developed non-confrontational methods to address problems that arise in the community so that it might be nipped in the bud rather than create undue tension. Communication with everyone in a community is a daily activity.