a. iPad & iPhone Instructions

Community Intern Manager Tech Tools!

We have computerized much of the data involved in the operation and maintenance of our community. Monitoring data in real time allows us to stay on top of community issues as they arise. It also makes it possible for the Community Directors to work remotely with Interns when they are on duty.

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A. Incoming Calls
B. Messages
C. Telephone Reservation Payments
D. Do Not Turn Phone off!
E. Intern iPhone Guidelines
F. iPad & iPhone Photo Guidelines
G. Process a Credit Card Sale Using Square
H. iPhone Reminders
I. Intern Video Report Instruction Tips


A. Incoming Calls on Intern iPhone

Questions and inquiries from potential guests or volunteers can be handled by telephone. Therefore, Interns must have the Community iPhone on them in order to be prepared to answer it and to make callbacks, handle inquiries, and forward messages to appropriate parties.


B. Messages

Describe in your Intern Report or Focus Email any phone calls or messages that the Directors need to follow up on. Put the person’s name and add all the details of the conversation so we have a written record. 


C. Telephone Reservation Payments

When processing a telephone payment, ALWAYS get customer’s phone number & email and put it in the Comments field on the Bookings tab. Be sure to get the persons EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER just in case we need to get in touch with them.

Weekly or nightly guests can be booked and their payment processed immediately on the phone or as walk-ins. Volunteers, Monthly Guests, and Interns still have to apply.

You’ll need to get the following info:

  1. Name on their reservation
  2. Name as it is on the credit card (if different)
  3. Credit card number (read back number to double check it is correct)
  4. Expiration date
  5. CVC number on the back of the card
  6. Billing zip code (5 zeros if non-US customer)
  7. Tell them the price total.

Bookings Calendar. When taking a new booking always look at the Bookings Calendar. If someone is in the spot and you think they might be extending and very comfortable in a particular spot then ASK them about their plans. Tell them that someone wants their spot and they need to pay if they want to stay there.


D. Do NOT turn off Intern Phone when you are on Duty!

Sometimes interns turn off the phone so that it does not ring or vibrate so they won’t be ‘bothered’. This is NOT acceptable. The phone is the lifeline of the community and when it is turned off this is very serious. If we discover an intern repeatedly turning off the phone they will be asked to leave because it demonstrates they do not want to fully participate in this internship.

The phone should also ALWAYS be on Vibrate AND Ring mode so that you don’t ‘miss’ a call even if it is noisy around you!


E. Intern iPhone Guidelines

  • If we are full. If someone is inquiring on the phone do NOT just say “we’re full” and hang up. Be polite and not push away desirable customers! Instead of ‘no’ we say ‘not now!’ Look at the calendar tell them the date when spaces are free. This way they can adjust their plans and we have a better occupancy rate. That also keeps the community with a steady flow of arrivals.
  • Availability. When we are full we found that applicants who stay somewhere else when waiting for a space to open up are much more appreciative of our community when they finally get here. So it’s okay to schedule applicants to arrive later! You can also let them know which other spaces ARE available.
  • Distractions when taking calls. Please patiently deal with calls as they come in. If you have a call or walk in that distracts you in the middle of another project simply deal with it and then go back to your project.
  • 15-minute Call Limit. Some people just like to chat! To speed a conversation along if they are hesitating on whether to stay, simply tell them which spaces are already booked in their desired time period. Once people know which spaces are already booked they tend to ask shorter questions before making a decision. An intern should NOT have to spend more than 15 minutes on a customer call if they have a lot of questions. Simply go to a computer and guide them to the page that answers their detailed questions. Then let them know you’ll be happy to answer any questions they have AFTER reading the relevant section. 
  • Red Flag Calls. If people are asking strange or red flag questions politely explain that we are full.


F. iPad and iPhone Photo Guidelines

We always need new, updated photos for web use, as our property is constantly changing. Before and after photographs should be taken of any meaningful work done on the facilities, lodgings or property as they provide proof of the work done. We use the images in our historical archives and various pages on our websites.

  1. Icloud. Please use the community iPad or iPhone to take photos as they are automatically uploaded to the Community iCloud account so the directors can immediately view and use the images.
  2. Placement Markers for Photos. When starting a physical project such as a garden, facility or lodging improvement try to take the Before and After photos from the same angle and distance so we can add good morphs to the Hedo Instruction VideosUse a placement marker when taking the Before photo. It could be two sticks crossed together or one sticking in the ground. The advantage is that when taking the After pic you know exactly where to stand!


G. Processing an iPhone/iPad Credit Card Sale with SquareUp 

If you have to use another computer here are the direct links:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Intern Daily Report
  3. Child Liability Release Registration
  4. Registration & Liability Release Form

ii) Registration ID Photo tip: While using the iPad to take the pictures of IDs it is important that they are clear and legible. There is a neat trick you can do by tapping the screen to have it focus on the actual id.

iii) Process a Payment using the iPad or iPhone: Short Cuts to the Registration Form & Intern Daily Report are located on the community ipad.

    1. Tap Current Sale at the top of the screen.
    2. Open Square app located on bottom menu (White Square Register)
    3. Choose the Image of program/lodging wanted
    4. Choose sub-option such as Single or Weekly etc
    5. Press “ADD”
    6. Additional services/lodgings may be chosen/added on at this time
    7. Final, bottom right, Charge
    8. Choose payment method, swipe card if CC
    9. Ask customer if they would like a receipt sent to their email
  1. Open the image size app and take a photo of the new guests I.D
  2. Tap the arrow on the top right-hand corner of the screen to navigate to the image sizing options.
  3. Once the size is selected hit the button on the bottom left that looks like an arrow pointing down to a box.
  4. Once the image is saved, collect payment (if any)
  5. The last step is the registration process. After selecting the jot form scroll down to the “attach image” section and add the picture(s) you have just resized. Before handing the form to the guest.
  6. Submitting the form ends this phase of the welcoming process.
  7. Show guests where they can store food and a tour of essential facilities. Depending on what time of day it is.


H. iPhone Reminders

On the team iPhone, there are reminders for regular chores to make an intern’s life easier! 

iPhone Daily Reminders:

  • 8:30 AM Turn off the bathroom light
  • 8:35 AM Feed cats and chickens
  • 8:40 AM Count safe
  • 8:45 AM Walk around (Tues., Wed., Thurs.,)
  • 9:00 AM Morning focus call/text to Mojo (Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri)
  • 9:30 AM Volunteer shift start (Tues., Wed., Thurs.,)
  • 9:45 AM Walk around (Mon., Fri.)
  • 10:00 AM Morning focus call/text to Mojo (Mon., Fri.)
  • 10:30 AM Volunteer shift start (Mon., Fri.)
  • 12:00 PM Volunteer shift end (Mon., Fri.)
  • 12:30 PM Volunteer shift end (Tues., Wed., Thurs.,)
  • 2:00 PM Afternoon focus call/text to Mojo
  • 2:20 PM Take out & sort recycling and trash. Much better to do when it’s light, to be sure all items go in the correct container. — Dump the bathroom trash daily and refill the toilet paper.
  • 3:30 PM Feed cats and chickens
  • 4:00 PM Get Mail (Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat)
  • 5:00 PM Lock Toolshed
  • 7:00 PM Evening focus call/text to Mojo
  • 9:00 PM Lock laundry
  • 10:00 PM Clean Kitchen & Recycle Containers
  • 10:25 PM Turn Off Unused Lights in Common Spaces
  • 10:30 PM Send Report & Designate Lights-Off Person!

iPhone Weekly Reminders

  • 11:00 AM Clean rain gutters (Sunday)
  • 11:30 AM Empty vacuum (Sunday)
  • 4:00 PM Mop kitchen floor (Sat., Sun.)


I. Intern Video Report Instruction Tips

Videos are part of our ‘trust and verify’ system. Creating videos is an important part of our community operations.

  1. Length. Video reports should be 10 – 30 seconds max
  2. Right Hand Left Hand! If you are right handed hold the video in your left hand. That way you have your right hand free if you need to show something in the video.
  3. Landscape Mode. When creating an instruction video it is important to hold the camera sideways or in landscape mode. Otherwise, it is smaller with big black bars on either side!
  4. Slow & Steady! Move the camera slowly and steadily; no quick jerky movements as it makes me dizzy!
  5. Any Issue! You can make a quick video about any issue no matter how small. Interns can also give quick video reports for problems such as a roof leak or anything visual. Then text me saying there is a video of the problem. This gives me time to figure out a resolution!
  6. Volunteer Assignments. In the morning video describe which job(s) you want to assign a particular volunteer to.
  7. iCloud Uploads. The video automatically uploads to the cloud only when Wifi is connected.
  8. Small Video File. Video settings on the iPhone has to be of the lowest quality so that it uploads quickly.
  9. Unfinished Business. Interns can also make a video report for tasks that are incomplete and then refer to it in their written report so other interns can view it.
  10. Use the red iPad that has data for the walkaround. That way you can spot problems and then send out the video (at low res) immediately while you are still onsite.
  11. Photos versus Video. Photos are more for promotional shots like pictures of volunteers or interns, lodgings, and facilities.

Video Text Reports bring many benefits:

  • Better Instruction Videos. Interns have much more experience talking and seeing details so when they have to make an actual Instructional video they are already experienced and comfortable talking on video.
  • More Accurate Descriptions. Video texts show footage of exactly what needs to be done and which volunteer is doing it.
  • Volunteer Issues. An intern can quietly talk in the video text about any concerns about a particular volunteer so they don’t have to get angry with them.
  • Incidental Issues. The Director gets to see, other issues on the property that need addressing in the background of the video footage.
  • Intern Mood Check. Video provides a ‘mood check’ of the intern so they can talk about any personal or health issues that might affect their shift.
  • Weather. Video gives an instant ‘weather report’.
  • Corrections, Updates. When an intern uses video it allows me to explain jobs more clearly with fewer words because now I’m just updating what they already said!
  • Texting a video is immediate. You can send it in relatively low quality so it uploads quickly. A video takes seconds instead of minutes sitting down to write a long text.
  • Time & Work Estimates. When an intern is explaining the tasks and who is being assigned to which jobs, I can verify if their estimates for what can be accomplished on the shift are in line with past experience.
  • Before & After! At the end of the shift, when you take photos, the ‘before’ videos have already been done! This gives a record of an intern’s work so they can be proud of their accomplishments!
  • Video Reports & Texting Videos. To show the work you did we require that you take short videos of 30 seconds or less with the iPhone. Those are automatically uploaded to the cloud. However, there is a delay with that so if you need to send a quick video so the Director can see it instantly simply send the video as a text attachment.
  • Max 5 Videos. On the morning shift, try to send a maximum of 5 videos because it freezes when downloading too many at once.
  • Afternoon Portfolio Video. That is a great time for a longer video to explain one project in greater detail.

Video reports can be fun! We are called Hedonisia! As long as you are doing the work and being responsible, you can enjoy yourselves! It’s totally ok to make little jokes in a video report!

Leaving the Intern Phone in the Rain or Outside

One of the reasons why the intern phone does not sound intelligible on the other end is because of water, which according to Apple, is usually caused by it being left outside and then rained on.

This happens more when interns wear outfits that don’t have pockets on shift. If you are wearing such an outfit please use the phone satchel or the fanny pack so that you can keep the phone on you, hands free and dry.

They are located in the manager drawer/desk.

We buy iphones for the interns which cost $700 and up. So it is very expensive when an intern just leaves the phone exposed outside when they are working. Please protect the community iphone!!!

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