i. Performance, Departure and Certificate

We give Performance Reviews to individual interns on an as needed basis. For example, when there is an intern issue requiring feedback or shortly after the Community Director has left the community for travel.

An intern can also request a Performance Review at any time. For those who really want to measure and receive feedback on how they are learning, we strongly suggest requesting one every now and then.

These reviews are intended to develop open and constructive communication between the interns, Anchor Manager and the Community Director. During the review, we will cover the effective work that has been done and areas where improvement is needed.

Reviews will take 5 – 30 minutes under the following guidelines:

  • 1) First the Intern listens to the feedback; there will be time for them to respond during the review.
  • 2) Identification of what was done well.
  • 3) Description of what action or behavior is desired.
  • 4) Explanation of the effects of the observed and desired acts or behavior.
  • 5) Consideration of the Intern’s feelings; focus on the action, not the person.
  • 6) Let the Intern know what change in behavior is expected to improve their performance.
  • 7) Point out positive behavior. Allow for open conversation and response from Intern to formulate plan for how to continue in the future.

Intern Responsibilities that are rated:

  • – Communication with Community Director
  • – Monday Meeting Notes Response
  • – Volunteer Management
  • – Eco-Tourist Customer Service
  • – Intern Community Manager Daily Checklist
  • – Intern Reports
  • – Focus Email

A good Performance Review from Hedonisia can be used as a reference for future jobs and career applications!

Intern Performance Review Report Template



Leaving with Aloha & the Hedonisia Community Intern White Hat List!

If you leave Hedonisia in the spirit of friendship and aloha, we will automatically add your name to the Hedonisia Intern Heroes. They can return in the future to manage Hedonisia whenever they are ready to enjoy another taste of living in Hawaii.

Interns who give proper notice and make every effort to ensure a smooth transition, leave as Friends & Community Alumni of Hedonisia. These interns can be welcomed back  should they decide to return.

Strong Finish. With an ‘honorable departure’ the departing  Intern should clean their space and ideally replace their bedding upon departure. If they leave their space as a cleaning disaster then we will note that it in our records.

Unfortunately, sometimes after an Intern gives notice to leave Hedonisia, they lose motivation for their present work in the community, as they anticipate their departure.

Ideally,, we expect interns to finish their time here with a strong close! That means completing any outstanding projects and being a part of the community up to the time they depart.

An Intern that completes their focus projects, cleans out their lodgings, and ends their final shifts with a great work ethic, leave with the highest level of accomplishment, and the strongest welcome back!

In addition, we are happy to give references to employers or landlords who call. And of course we give the glowing referrals to the most enthusiastic and hard working interns! We have many employers calling us from around America for references on past interns. Because our community is so quirky, our reference seems to go a long way towards interns being accepted for jobs they applied for. One intern has used us a reference at least 6 times!

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: will be issued to an Intern upon satisfactory completion of duties.

Last Week Shift Value. Many interns often choose to have their last week off. If an intern wishes to do this, they may buy off the shift for the value of $40.

However, if the intern wishes to work the Last Week’s shift requirements are based on day of departure:

  • Monday or Tuesday: 0 days required as it is the start of the week.
  • Wednesday to Friday: 1 work day for the last week
  • Saturday or Sunday: 2 work days for the last week

Excellent Hero Exception! The most successful interns in our history have made meaningful contributions in our Heart, Body AND Brain work. An intern who has been a consistent Hero, may enjoy one to two shifts off during their last week.

  1. Excellent interns who have consistently exceeded the parameters of their internship will get two days off.
  2. Great Interns will get one day off.
  3. Fair, average or underperforming interns will do the normal finish or pay for their last days off.
  4. Interns who stay two months or less do not qualify for this incentive.
  5. The Community Director, in consultation with other interns, will define excellence!

Our most successful interns are those who start their own social enterprise venture while at Hedonisia or after they leave. Kate, our most excellent intern from 2015, has set up a small eco dog walking service in Vancouver, Canada! Great entrepreneurs often start small!

We WANT interns to succeed after they leave Hedonisia and while they are here! If an intern goes through our program and then makes millions from a C.A.F.E. Enterprise idea of their own, we will be proud and happy! Like parents at graduation!


Leaving Without Aloha!

This is defined as Interns giving a week or less notice or underperforming on their last shifts. If an intern applied to stay for a longer period and is now changing their mind, a surprise departure announcement, with a week or less notice, is NOT the way to make an honorable departure!

The following policies apply when someone does this without there being any emergency circumstances such as a death or illness in the family.

  1. Automatic First Warning. When a person is giving such a short notice it can mean they have a negative feelings about me or the community. It also means that in their last days they can engage in words or actions that are to the community’s detriment. To protect ourselves from this, if an intern gives a Week or less notice then they should note that they are also receiving a First Warning. That way, any spiteful words or actions can be dealt with by asking the transgressor to leave immediately.
  2. Can return as a Volunteer or Guest but not Intern. Departure time is a sensitive time because it can leave the most indelible memories. When an intern leaves without aloha we are not saying they can’t come back at all,  but they may return not as an intern.
  3. No Certificate of Completion. If an intern leaves with a week or less notice then they haven’t really completed the internship in a satisfactory manner so we cannot give out a Certificate.
  4. No References or Referrals. Giving false information puts us at risk of lawsuits, so it is our policy not to give referrals interns who did not complete the program in a satisfactory manner.


Returning Interns


All Returning Interns will receive a ½ day of retraining. During this time the returnee and the anchor manager will review new policies, protocols and community changes. The anchor manager will answer questions that the returning intern may have, and review all applicable changes. We recommend returning interns spend time reviewing the handbook prior to the retraining shift, in order to get the most out of it! The ½ day of retraining should be scheduled during the afternoon, focus component of the shift.

  • 3 Months or less. No retraining fee! In addition to the ½ day of training, the returnee will be scheduled for one full shift in their first week. If possible this shift will be scheduled with a senior intern, this allows for any additional questions or discrepancies to be addressed. By the second week, the intern will join the team of interns.
  • 3-6 Months. $50 Retraining Fee. Returnee’s can start immediately and catch up on their reading as part of their first week’s focus. Upon completion of the reading, there will be a brief interview with the Community Director before the intern rejoins the team!
  • After 6 months. $100 Retraining Fee.  Interns returning after a 6 month period will start with two shadow shifts, and are expected to spend time studying the handbook, in preparation for the interview with the Community Director.

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