c. Hedo Google Drive Docs

We use Google Docs extensively in our community operations as they allow users to simultaneously edit a document no matter where they are located. It is also easy to track changes.

Here are some of the most important Google Docs in our Community. All are accessible through the Team Google Account:

  1. Hedonisia BOOKINGS Spreadsheet. It is very important for interns to understand the Bookings Spreadsheet as it deals with money and taxes!
  2. Bookings Spreadsheet INSTRUCTIONS. Detailed tab by tab breakdown of the instructions for reading and editing the spreadsheet.
  3. Community Director Monday Meeting Notes. This link has the latest meeting notes that interns are required to read and either comment or sign off on.
  4. First Warning Notice of Violation of Community Guidelines. This notice is to be printed and handed to the violator after consulting with the Community Director.
  5. Google Calendar. This is where we update Intern schedules online. Can be edited from Team Google Account.
  6. Hedo Intern Team Portfolio Page. This is the breakdown of the Facility, Lodgings & Garden projects that are divided between the interns as Portfolio projects.
  7. Intern Spreadsheet. Contains all the data sheets necessary for the following intern tasks:
    1. ECO-SUPPLIES: Inventory of general items, where to get what, and when we got it.
    2. LFA CONTROL: Exhaustive list of property features and actions taken with dates.
    3. EMERGENCY: Emergency and important contact numbers
    4. TREES: Love trees and knowing they will get some love on a regular basis! List of trees, actions taken and dates.
    5. FIRST-AID: Dates, items, purchase and inventory list
    6. TOOL INVENTORY: Items in tool sheds, numbers, locations, and whether or not they work
    7. BED SHEETS: How many, what kinds, and what sizes of sheets we have
    8. ECO-SHOP: Inventory of items for sale in the display case
    9. ELECTRICITY USE: What items use how much electricity.

    We have updated and installed the google drive app on the iphone so interns can easily update data as they move around the property. 

Daily Intern Community Report: Must be completed by interns at the end of their shift.

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