d. Intern Focus Projects

Choosing your Focus

A Focus project is defined as an Intern’s unique contribution to the community based on their skills and experience.

As part of their training, we ask each Intern to read about all our projects both virtual and physical and then choose a few that they would like as their Focus projects.

We appreciate a desire to learn. We will train you in many areas. However, we also want Interns who bring their own skills and knowledge to the community.

About 2-3 hours of your Intern shift should be spent working on the focus projects you’ve chosen—in addition to your normal Community Manager Daily Checklist.

Usually, the best time to do Intern Focus work is in the afternoon or evening when the property is quieter as most people have gone out!

Community Intern Focus Specialties

Unlike other communities which usually focus on physical work (farming, cleaning etc), we offer Interns the possibility to choose a Mind Focus specialty.

As part of your Intern Review, you will have a discussion with Mojo, the Community Director on the Mind Work Focus projects you are interested in working on. Of course, it’s not compulsory to choose a mind work project. You can simply specialize in Body and Heart work if that’s where your interest and experience is!

Please take a moment to review these links to see if there is a Mind focus project for you!


Hedonisia EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Mind Focus Projects

As a community based on an EcoFeminist foundation, a number of our Mind Work projects deal with subjects that relate to reproductive rights and sex-positive eco-feminism. Feel free to explore and choose your focus areas of interest from our Eco-Feminist Portfolio.

However, some interns might not have experience or interest in working on our EcoFeminist Projects. They might be more interested in our other Mind Work or Tech Projects.

We only want interns to choose projects they feel comfortable with and enthusiastic communicating about!

Brain Focus Project & Work: Guidelines & Principles

i) Community of Individuals and Focus Projects. In a community of individuals, we have had volunteers and interns who are not pro-choice and more conservative sexually. For example, we have had at least one intern who was pro-life but had a great time with us despite the work that we do! She felt her space was respected because while we had debates about it, we did not rub her face in the subject by continually talking about it in front of her.

We try to respect the privacy of each intern as they work on their focus projects. We have had interns who wish to work on their focus projects in private. Interns are free to discuss work with others if they wish to.

ii) Transparent but Private! As an intentional community working on controversial subjects we strike a delicate balance. We are transparent about the work we do. It is all published on the web. However, we are simultaneously private about the details of these projects. This is why we ask that you find a private spot and use the code words in our communications so we can speak frankly while not entertaining (or shocking!) other community guests within hearing range!

iii) Interns Sharing Projects & Reviewing Each Other’s Work. In the interests of transparency and to receive feedback, interns may discuss their focus projects with other interns. Switching projects is helpful for overcoming writer’s block. It is also helpful to have someone else’s perspective on a piece you have been working on for a while– a fresh set of eyes! However, especially when working on sensitive subjects like the Reproductive Rights sites Interns must maintain discretion and respect for privacy.

iv) Working Docs in Mind Work. When writing or researching for a Mind Work project, if you are creating a document ALWAYS create a shared google doc or write directly in your Focus email. Do NOT work from a hard copy on your computer. That way, if your computer crashes no work is lost. Also if your computer does crash then you can always use the Hedo Computer to make sure your work is complete by the end of your shift!

v) ECOFEMINIST ENTREPRENEUR – RELEASE & HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: Some of the EcoFeminist web projects deal with reproductive rights and sex-positive feminism. Using the principles of Consent Culture, which we practice in our community, any interns wishing to work on the projects in our Portfolio must read and agree to our working agreement.

vi) Starlight Brain vs Sunshine Brain! Some interns like to do brain work later in the evening and some like to do it earlier. 6pm is the focus time for sunshine interns and the usual 7pm is the default for interns. Dinner break for sunshine people will be only an hour from 5 – 6pm. That means they will finish brain work between 8 and 9pm. They will then just hold space (process check-ins, end of shift cleanup etc) until end of shift.

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