c. Green Community Policies

Hedonisia Eco-Practices

Eco-Practices published on our websiteWe publish most of our sustainable practices and policies directly on our website. This serves as an advertisement and filter. Many make reservations and cite our Eco-Policies as a strong factor that made them want to stay at Hedonisia.

  1. Eco-Shopping & Driving Services: We reuse all available equipment.
  2. Donation-based affordable Eco-driving service to guests and volunteers.
  3. Eco-Supply Runs & Recycling Trips. We purchase in bulk through Amazon so weekly supply runs to Hilo are no longer necessary. We try to coincide supply runs with airport pickups to save on gas and time. The manager can also take this opportunity for personal errands and a leisure activity.
  4. Inventory of Eco-Supplies:  Should be done before any trips to Hilo.  Check supplies and restock when required. Make note of where to buy supplies, how much they cost and the minimum stock to have at hand.
  5. No Garbage Bag Policy. We do not purchase garbage bags as our trash is relatively clean due to our compost and recycling practices
  6. Recyclables that are not HI FIVE should be separated into glass, plastic & scrap metal
  7. HI FIVE CENT recyclables should be separated into glass, plastic, and aluminum.
  8. Left Behind Towel Sales. Discarded Towels are sorted cleaned and then sold at a discount to guests.
  9. Washing & Storing Pillows. Pillows are stored in the Private Office Intern Space so they don’t get moldy. 
  10. Used Small Appliances Purchases. To keep costs down we now try to purchase used appliances at the Pahoa or Keeau Recycling Depots. Most ‘new’ appliances are from China and are created by a polluting industrial process that utilizes cheap materials. These products tend to break down whereas older used appliances tend to have greater lasting power.
  11. Shared Responsibility for Shared Appliances. We provide a number of appliances that Guests and Volunteers may use. However, we do not have an open-ended replacement policy because when there are no costs, people tend not to care about the appliances they use. And so, for any appliance that is broken, we will contribute $10 for a replacement. Interested volunteers and guests may contribute towards any additional costs.
  12. Low Season Fridge Use. When there are 7 or fewer community members on the property it is more Energy Efficient to use one fridge. Cleaning the fridge in during this period and transferring the contents allows the other fridges time for the build-up of ice to fully melt.
  13. Jungle Crater Landfill. As recommended by a Building Inspector, we are creating a landfill platform on the side of the Jungle Cottage. It is the only area on the property where we dump items for this purpose. However, the only things we throw in the JC side of the crater are weeds, treated wood, old fabric, moldy pillows, dirty paint water. No plastic, tires, or metal!! Dead rats and mongoose are also okay to dump at this location. Just make sure you throw them far enough away from the Jungle Cottage so that the smell does not waft up!
  14. Laundry Soap. Based on past experience, leaving detergent and soap out is too much of an invitation for free laundry and excessive use. So ALL the laundry detergent and packets are in the Private Office. We only bring out sachets of soap powder for community laundry and sales on an ‘as needed’ basis.
  15. Propane Gas in Shower. From May to November it is usually sunny enough to go solely off of solar. 
  16. Eco-Enforcement & Eco-Cheating! Rules, design, and structure are important to environmentalism because once nobody’s looking, as long as there is an easier way, people will take it even if it is less ‘eco’! Our large water tank will hold warm, solar heated water for up to two days. However, once gas is connected people ‘forget’ about solar and opt for gas instead. Other examples of eco-cheating: No matter how much we promote using water to wash, once alone in the toilet, people still use lots of toilet paper! No matter how much we say to recycle, people will still throw recyclables in the garbage!

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