b. Intern Portfolio

The Hedonisia Community is small but has a vast range of tasks necessary for its smooth functioning. It can sometimes feel overwhelming! To combat this, we have created the Intern Portfolio which breaks down the crucial functions of the property into projects.

The Intern Portfolio allows each intern to ‘own’ particular spaces on the property that they are responsible for maintaining, beautifying and improving!

If a portfolio item is unassigned, an intern is simply responsible for maintenance and cleaning on an as-needed basis.

Structural Changes: Interns are welcome to suggest & implement improvements to the function and beauty of their portfolio projects. However, major changes to any structure should be approved by the Director.

New Interns should pick their portfolio based on the following formula at the Monday Meeting;

  • At least 1 – 3 Lodgings in addition to the one they are living in.
  • At least 2 – 4 Facilities
  • At least 4 Gardens (if there are more than 5 interns)

Portfolio Morning Walking Around. During the walk around, concentrate on each intern’s portfolio of lodgings, facilities & gardens when deciding what to do for the day with your Volunteers. The only time an intern should work on someone else’s portfolio is if it’s a time-related project; such as weeding around a camping spot, or prepping a lodging space when a guest is coming in that day. By focusing on your own portfolio on a deeper level, it allows the community to expand and evolve.

If an intern would like to change portfolio jobs, ask the DirectorInterns can also negotiate with each other and trade portfolio jobs!

Portfolio Instruction Videos & Reports. In order to easily identify and learn the various tasks at hand, part of each interns portfolio is to create 1-2 minute Instruction Videos of different aspects of their Portfolio using our Video and Photo Guidelines.

Creating these videos could also be a focus project for interns with the aptitude for instructional video work. At least one of an intern’s portfolio projects should culminate in a Maintenance Instruction Video after deep focus on improvements and cleaning. This video will be a video reference of an intern’s work at Hedonisia.

Portfolio Lodgings. Check Calendar (2nd tab) to see if any lodgings in your portfolio are unoccupied. Especially in busy season, there are only small periods when a lodging is free. That is when we deep clean, do repairs, and beautify the interior/exterior and surrounding gardens.

Visit the Volunteer Training Videos page to see the Master List of all Portfolio Jobs with Video instructions.

Visit the Google Doc Intern Portfolio Listings to see all current intern portfolios. Interns will need to be signed into either the Team Hedonisia to view Portfolios.

Each Intern’s Body, Heart & Mind work is also in their Google Portfolio!

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