e. Community Orientation Tour

Visitors and New Arrivals

As a community, it’s important that all guests and visitors feel welcome upon arrival. The manager on duty will be the first real impression a guest receives. The following steps ensure that all feel warm and welcome upon arrival at Hedonisia.

  1. Preparing Bed & Food Spaces: For all new arrivals, make sure their lodging and food space is clean and ready by 2 p.m. on the day of arrival.
  2. Registration Form: All guests staying at Hedonisia are asked to fill our Release and Hold Harmless form. Please ask to see a photo ID, for our safety as well as theirs, and take a photo of that ID card for our Hedonisia records.
  3. Pre-treat lodging for fire ants. Treating before every check-in as part of the clean-up. It seems like a great way to avoid unpleasant surprises with ants at night!

Spontaneous Check-ins

We  have many same-day inquiries and drop-ins. When we receive a spontaneous drop-in visitor give them a tour before processing any payment for lodgings.

Our community is not for every tourist and we recognize that especially with spontaneous check-ins who have not necessarily read our entire site and thus are not sure what to expect.

So give a tour, then give them a moment to decide on whether they wish to book and only then take their payment!


Community Guest Categories

The four categories of community members  at Hedonisia and a slightly different check-in process for each:

a) Nightly Guest Check-in: Only necessary to do the Orientation Tour.

b) Weekly/Monthly Guest Check-in: Remind them about the Thursday 2pm Community Support Shift

c) Volunteer Check-In. While they are completing their registration, look up their application to see if they have specialty experience. Also, explain that their first day is off and then only start work from Mon – Thursday.

d) New Intern Check-In. When checking in a new candidate, add or update their schedule to the calendar with the following formula:

  • 1st day off if interns arrive from Sund – Wed.
  • Start volunteer shifts from the first weekday
  • Week One: 4-day Volunteer Week. Example: Mary V1
  • 1 day off.
  • Week Two: 3-day Shadow Training Week with review on last day. If possible, try to schedule one Thursday as a Training Day.
    • 1st Training Shift then a day off: Mary S1
    • 2nd Training Shift then a day off: Mary S2
    • 3rd Training Shift & Review: Mary S3 Review. 
    • Depending on circumstances the Review can also happen the next day after Shadow 3.

e) Week Three: If candidate passes first review then they are immediately congratulated and entered in the program. If the candidate did not pass review, we schedule Second Shadow Training Week.


Eco-Community Orientation Tour

Once new arrivals have paid and filled out the registration form, we give them an Express Tour to familiarize them with the community. Details below.

  1. Community Food Storage – Assign dry food storage locker and personal fridge space. Each person’s freezer use is limited to one cloth bag per person. They can write their name with a Sharpie at the bottom of one of the cloth grocery bags.
  2. Community Hang Out Areas – Point out spaces where guests can hang out, watch movies, read books from our library, and charge cell phones or laptops.
  3. Heart Board – Important to point out for our guests to know who’s on duty. Explain that we each Intern on the property works on different days which can be seen on the Heart Board. We don’t want any guests feeling like they don’t know who’s in charge!
  4. Recycling & Compost Area – Briefly explain how we sort our recyclables, compost, and trash in separate bins with the assumption that they do not know the difference between them. This is very important as Hedonisia has one of the best recycling programs in Hawaii and we would like to keep it that way!
  5. Eco-Toilet, Tooth brushing & Laundry Areas – Proudly show the eco-toilet and briefly explain the laundry prices and procedures should they need to use it.
  6. Hot Water Solar Shower. When giving a tour emphasize that the solar water will be very hot on sunny days. But in the evening or on cloudy days it is still quite warm. Remind guests to let the hot water run for a while before asking us to turn on the gas.
  7. Propane Shower. Do not just show people how to use the propane on the tour. That should only be handled by an intern when asked by someone who has taken the time to read the instructions. By requiring guests to ask an intern, we reduce the automatic use of the propane. For many people, a shorter tepid shower can be okay. Save those long hot showers for sunny days!
  8. Pigs: Warn guests about the wild pigs who live here too, but are harmless to people.
  9. Lighting. Recommend a headlamp or Phone flashlight for nighttime bathroom trips.
  10. Little Fire Ants & Mice. Always warn newcomers about the Little Fire Ants. Remind them not to bring food to their bed space and to notify the intern on duty IMMEDIATELY if they see one or are bitten in their bed space.
  11. Turning Lights Off. Please let ALL guests know upon check in that they are to turn off the lights. Show them where the main light switches are to turn off the lights if they are the last ones up!


Thursday 2pm Tours

  1. Food & Useful Plants. Part of EVERY Volunteer, Guest & Intern’s payment is called an ‘Agricultural Fee’. It allows them to harvest any edible or useful plants on the property. So as part of the Full Tour, we always try to show at least 7 edible or useful plants that are in season.
  2. Neighbor Crater or Hedo Lava Tube Tour! Depending on how long the meeting went, there would be time for going to the neighbor’s and viewing their crater which is about 40 times the size of ours! Interns who are NOT on shift can take groups to the back whenever they want. However, there must be an intern on an excursion to the back neighbor’s property.
  3. Harvesting fruit at the neighbor’s or breadfruit, avocados or coconuts on our property. Pick any ripe fruit (pineapples, papayas, mulberries, avocados, etc.) and put them in the community food area for all to enjoy!
  4. This activity is optional. Only for those who are interested!

Completing Check-In: 

  1. Be sure to note in your Community Report if an Orientation is scheduled for the next day. We don’t want to throw off the next Intern on Duty or look unprofessional to the guest who has reported at their scheduled time to a frazzled Intern.
  2. Process all payments immediately if you can. Do not wait for the next day especially with one-night bookings.

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