a. Intern Daily Shift Details

MORNING Shift: Body Work (8:30am-12:30pm)

Start at 8:30 a.m. All personal chores, including breakfast and hygiene, should be taken care of before the shift begins. If an Intern wishes to have a big breakfast and or shower, the solution is to get up at 7:30 a.m!


Morning Shift Start (8:30 AM – 9:00 AM)

  1. Retrieve Hedonisia iPhone and keep it with you at all times during your shift.
  2. Check email and read previous Intern Reports so you can be up to date.
  3. Turn off Barn and bathroom lights if they were left on overnight.
  4. Feed the chickens first then the cats.
  5. Check Bookings Spreadsheet and note Guest check-ins and check-outs.
  6. Note airport pickups & coordinate with drivers if one is on the agenda.
  7. Count the safe. Make note of Top and Bottom for Intern Report.
  8. Respond to any issues or questions from Guests and Volunteers. Any complaints about facilities or lodgings become a work priority! 
  9. Update YOUR NAME, Guests with a Community Support Shift and Intern Candidates, if any, on the Heart Board.
  10. Check the bathroom area, quickly tidy up, toilet paper replenishing and dump the trash.
  11. List empty lodging spaces.
  12. List of volunteers and tasks for the morning shift.


Morning Walk-around

  • Mon – Thurs: 9am.

On your walk around, keep in mind that an Intern’s work priority is always:

  • 1st: Facilities (Toilet, Kitchen, Shower, etc)
  • 2nd: Lodgings (if people can’t sleep comfortably that’s a problem!)
  • 3rd: Land or Computer Work (These can wait. The others can’t!)
  1. Walk around the property to assess what needs to be done in your Intern Portfolio.
  2. While you are walking, pick up any pieces of trash or wrappers that litter the property.
  3. Take notice of your surroundings. For example, you may have been planning to weed around the Aloha Bus, but notice that the Ohi’a Camper roof has collapsed.
  4. Make sure to have a notepad of ideas to Video Text to the Community Director
  5. If necessary, Interns can FaceTime during the morning focus so we can visually discuss a work project.
  6. Double check that all necessary tools are ready for the day.
  7. Ensure that you have plenty of volunteer jobs for different types of weather and people. Have a list of prioritized tasks, that is longer than you can complete so you are not left wondering what to do!
  8. Rainy Day Projects. If raining, make sure you gather plenty of ‘rainy day tasks’ for the Volunteers to do. (Deep clean: Kitchen, Yoga Room, Hang Out Area, Facilities, Tool Sheds, Creative Arts, Fridges, etc) Keep a positive outlook even though it’s raining. After all, they’re in a ‘rainforest’ in Hawaii! Keep the shift upbeat and fun!
  9. Visit all empty lodging spaces to see if there are jobs needed to be done there. Especially if you need rainy day jobs!

Volunteer Body Work Monday – Thursday: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Assign Volunteer Tasks (Begin 5 minutes before shift)

  1. An Intern should work in a positive, productive manner with Volunteers. So, it is good practice to mentally prepare for the volunteer work shift.
  2. Before assigning tasks, ensure that all Volunteers are fit to work (sober, dressed for land work, etc.).
  3. If sick, volunteers can pay $12 for the day off. If volunteers don’t want to work they can ‘buy’ the shift for $20.
  4. Greet volunteers and allocate tasks for the day.
  5. Explain jobs, and answer any initial questions. If needed show them the appropriate Volunteer Video Instruction for Community Projects.
  6. Provide Volunteers with the necessary tools they will need. Make sure they account for the tools they are taking so they are returned at the end of the shift.
  7. Make yourself present and available. Work alongside Volunteers when possible.
  8. Check on all Volunteers to ensure that work is being done properly and carefully.
  9. Respond to any issues or questions that arise.
  10. Volunteers aren’t accustomed to Hawaii’s heat and humidity. Make sure they stay hydrated during their shift. Remind them to bring water with them when working.
  11. An Intern can do other chores once the Volunteer tasks have been set up. However, it is important that Volunteers know where you are.

Volunteer Shift Physical Close: 12:30 PM

  1. Conclude Volunteer work shift, review work, & thank them. It’s rewarding for Volunteers to feel like their work will be reviewed and appraised. This creates a culture of accountability and professionalism at Hedonisia. 
  2. Make sure ALL the tools are accounted for and put away.
  3. Check that the Laundry and Tool Shed doors are locked.


AFTERNOON: Intern Portfolio Work (2:00 PM – 5:00 PM)

a) 12:30 – 2:00 pm LUNCH BREAK: Interns take a break for lunch and/or nap.
INTERN NAPS: Scientists report that 20 minutes is the optimal time for an afternoon nap and we go with the science on this. Intern naps MUST be in the barn area so you are available if someone comes on the property. It is NOT okay to sleep in a personal bed space during a shift. Intern naps can occur during the lunch or the dinner breaks. 

b) 2pm CLEAN UP & PRACTICAL: Afternoon cleaning may include any of the following:

  • Kitchen – after lunch clean up.
  • Take out & sort recycling and trash. Much better to do when it’s light, to be sure all items go in the correct container. –
  • Dump the bathroom trash and refill the toilet paper.
  • Laundry – any dirty bedding, hand towels, etc.

c) Intern Portfolio. The afternoon is a great time for Portfolio work or other tasks that are needed on the property that can be done by the Intern(s) on duty. When you send the afternoon text to the Director describe your work plans for the afternoon.

d) GUESTS: Be prepared for your scheduled check-ins as well as any drop-ins. For security purposes, try to stay in the Community area in case any visitors come unannounced as drop-ins. In addition, you will want to be around for any Eco-Hedo Shop sales! Be sure to record them in the Bookings Spreadsheet.

  • Lodgings – cleared out from check-outs or made up for check-ins
  • Fridges/Dry Food Storage – cleaned out and ready for check-ins

e) 4pm MAIL PICKUP:  Monday to Saturday  Protocol for Distributing Mail

  • Distribute mail by putting it into individual’s dry food storage space or by giving it directly to the person it is addressed to.
  • Community Director Mail should now be put in a box in the cupboard behind the manager’s desk just above the sales area.
  • If mail comes for somebody that is no longer on the property, place it in the container under the shelf by the Fridge safe. DRAWER #4 is for VIP persons who have left and live in the area!


Dinner Break Time: 5 – 7pm

This is a good time to take a break, eat and relax! However, be available in the Community area for any questions, check-ins or drop-ins at this time.


EVENING: Heart & Brain Focus (7 PM – 10PM)

  1. Touch Base Meetings. In the evening when people are hanging out, it is an excellent time for casual “touch base” meetings with new Volunteers, Guests or Interns. Have an informal chat with new arrivals and find out how they are enjoying their stay. Sometimes a new person feels a little left out and neglected. When on shift, check in with any new Volunteers, Guests or Interns to see if they are feeling okay so we can resolve any issues right away! We also get a chance to ask what their future plans are, and whether they are wanting to book a longer stay.
  2. Brain Focus Computer Work. 7pm Mind Focus: Call or text the Community Director about the projects. The evening is a perfect time to work on the computer. We have designated a 3 hour period for Brain Work but we only expect about 2 hours. However, we do expect an Intern to start on their Brain Work after the 7pm Focus talk with the Director.
  3. Evening Check-Ins:  If there is an evening check-in it usually takes a half hour to 45 minutes. That still leaves ample time for Brain Focus. What we do NOT want is for an Intern to settle down and watch a movie at 7pm. That can be saved before shutting down their shift AFTER Brain Work.

Shift Close 10 – 10:30pm

  1. Kitchen Close Down. To prevent rats and cockroaches, use 15 minutes at shift end for a quick night clean of the kitchen. Counters, rags, dishes, garbage, and recyclables need to be tended to. Then turn off the kitchen light and put the ‘Stove Closed’ sign on the stove which formally closes the kitchen and your shift.
  2. Community Intern Manager Daily ReportPlease make sure to fill this out thoroughly and send at 10:30pm.
  3. Designating a person to turn off the lights. If an Intern is going to bed after their shift at 10:30 and people are still up they should announce they are going to bed. When going to bed turn off all the lights in all the rooms that are not being used. Don’t rely on the people awake to do that. For example, if there are only people in the Hangout zone, turn off the lights in barn, smoking temple, and kitchen. 


After 10:30pm: You are ON CALL!

This means you can hang out, or go to sleep but stay sober enough to legally drive in case there are any emergency pickups or unexpected issues. Those who are still awake should obey the Quiet Hours. (Quiet hours Sun-Th 10:30 pm, Fri & Sat, 11:30 pm. If an Intern is on call and leaves the property then they are not really available to deal with an emergency on the property. So interns should not just go out after their shift! On call means on property!

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