f. Weekend Cleaning & Instruction Videos

Weekend Morning Cleaning Focus

From Monday to Thursday interns usually have volunteers to work with so they can assign Cleaning Shifts. However, if there are no volunteers, the intern on duty is responsible for cleaning and recycling.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday interns do not usually have to work with volunteers. But the trade-off is that they are responsible for cleaning on weekend mornings.

There are two kinds of cleaning:

  1. Deep Cleaning: Intense fridge cleaning, washing cushion covers, scrubbing shower floor, cleaning the laundry washer etc
  2. Maintenance Cleaning: Sweeping and vacuuming barn, rags laundry, sheets laundry, dishes, and kitchen.

When we have a full community with many volunteers we need to do maintenance clean almost every day. At least one volunteer or intern for half a normal shift should be dedicated to cleaning facilities and/or lodgings.

One difference might be general versus individual item cleaning; for example, we clean the kitchen every day, but it is necessary to clean the debris from the toaster every now and then, as well as the caked-on food on the stove range.

10am Deep Focus Video Text. In the weekend Video Text simply state which Facilities or Lodgings you are going to deep clean. If unsure, call the director or look at your portfolio.

All interns are responsible for the Night-Time Rat/Cockroach prevention clean up either by making sure the assigned Cleaning Day volunteer does it or by doing it themselves. Because one of the most disheartening things is to wake up to a dirty community kitchen!

  1. Community Laundry. Start laundry, check rag bins in kitchen underneath sink and bins by washer and dryer for dirty sheets and volunteer clothing. Before starting dryer clean lint screen and throw all lint into lint and trash bucket.
  2. Eco-Toilet. In the bathroom, empty trash into trash bins near to Hana Hou Recycling Center. Make sure there are three extra toilet paper rolls in the basket behind the toilet. Wipe down the toilet, and sweep floor in the bathroom area.
  3. Solar/Gas Shower. Check gas pilot and turn off if no one is showering. Inside shower scrub soapy floor with a scrub brush. Wipe down walls and mirrors. Organize shampoos, conditioners etc.
  4. Toothbrushing Zone. Wipe down toothbrush zone, clean the mirrors above the two sinks.
  5. Recycling Zone. Organize and become familiar with the recycling zone making sure to crush cans and flatten plastic.
  6. Clean dishes and Kitchen. Put any leftover organic matter from the sink into compost bucket and empty the compost bucket in one of the compost zones. Clean compost bucket and put back into its place. Wipe down counters and stove stops. Organize dishes in the dish rack. Please order all appliances on all racks in the kitchen. Organize egg crates. Sweep! Mop if necessary. Organize communal food shelf in the kitchen and communal food doors in the refrigerators. Throw away any expired items and wipe shelves.
  7. Fluff up cushions and Vacuum Hang-Out zones. Clean ashtrays. All personal items go into lost and found. Fold any blankets left out and place in the Yoga Barn. Clean table. Sweep, clean and organize the barn interior.
  8. Night-time Clean. Be sure to save 10-15 minutes before you go to bed to clean up any leftover dishes and to make sure all opened food items are put away to prevent rats and roaches!
  9. Scrub the compost bucket. Since the compost bucket constantly holds food waste, it builds odor and slime quickly. Judiciously use bleach or the eco-friendly All Purpose cleaning solution to sanitize the compost bucket and keep the kitchen more pleasant. Let sit for a few minutes. Scrub all surfaces of the bucket to remove scum and buildup.

Intern Instruction Videos

Our instruction videos have been a wonderful form of advertising and PR. People like to see the mundane tasks of the community. They make us more ‘real’ to visitors!

On weekends it is a good day to review Facilities and Lodgings Instruction videos for ideas on what to improve on deep cleaning.

Long Weekend Hedo Team Regular Chores


  • 9:00 AM – Friday Intern Meeting
  • 11:00 AM- Clean & Consolidate Fridges
  • 12:00 PM- Clean Toaster, Microwave, & Oven Interior & Exterior
  • 4:00 PM – Deep Clean Sink, & Clean Around Faucets
  • 4:30 PM – Consolidate Dry Food Storage & Clean Empty Cubbies
  • 5:00 PM – Organize Dish Storage & Put Extra Dishes Away


  • 11:30 AM – Organize Laundry Sheets and Quilts
  • 12:00 PM – Put Quilts & Pillows in Ziplock Bags In Empty Lodging Spaces
  • 4:30 PM –


  • 11:00 AM – Clean Rain Gutters
  • 11:30 AM – Empty Vacuum
  • 11:45 AM- Toiletries and First Aid
  • 4:00 – Clean & Consolidate Bathroom Storage
  • 4:30 – Inspect & Upkeep all Ponds

Priority 1: Community Video Instructions for FACILITIES!

Clean, maintained facilities are desirable for Sustainable Community Hygiene and harmony. This is our highest priority.

  1. Kitchen Cleaning Instructions
  2. Community Food Storage
  3. Laundry & Bathroom Cleaning Instructions
  4. Yoga Barn & Hang-Out Zone Beautification
  5. Community Recycling Organization
  6. Community ShopVac Cleaning & Maintenance
  7. Lono Hale Eco-Storage Maintenance
  8. Eco-Friendly Paint Management
  9. Community Compost
  10. Smoking Temple
  11. Community Toolshed & Workshop
  12. Meditation Temple

Priority 2: Community Lodgings

We try to ensure everyone has a clean, comfortable and dry bed space. This is important because a person who has to sleep under a leaking roof won’t be very happy in the morning!

  1. Aloha Bus Maintenance
  2. Bamboo Hut Maintenance
  3. Campgrounds Maintenance
  4. Puka Hale Maintenance
  5. Lono Hale Maintenance
  6. Jungle Cottage Cleaning Instructions
  7. Guava Hut Maintenance
  8. Kahuna Cabin Maintenance
  9. Ocean View Maintenance
  10. Ohi’a Camper Maintenance
  11. Rollinia House Maintenance
  12. Ulu Hideaway Hut Maintenance

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