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Hedonisia FAQ

I have spent my life learning about women in the world. As a university student in Canada, I first learned about Anglo-American feminism. Then I went traveling. I lived in many countries, dating, socializing, and working with wonderful and sometimes challenging women worldwide. Communication with them allowed me a close-up view of female lives in their countries and how different feminism was on a regional basis.

I started writing Warrior WoMan as I saw there was very little examination of the key concepts in the book. An argument for women to gain tools and training to defend themselves. An examination of Anglo-American feminism and it's effects on the world.

Throughout my travels, I found that the battle for gender equality exists in every country. However, the tactics, methodology, and male support or backlash vary greatly by region. This is especially true concerning relationships and sexuality.

The Hedonisia Book Trilogy and Diversity and Free Speech Workshops do not seem to have much in common on the surface. However, there is a great degree of overlap in the following areas.

  • Identity Politics
  • Free Speech and Sensitivity
  • Gender Relations
  • Workplace and Social Communication in a Diverse World.
  • The social and political divisions between young and old people.

Reasons why we are selling access to our book as open source project:

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  2. You are part of the conversation. The open-source approach of Wikipedia inspired us. They discovered that when one person writes an article, it is an opinion. When 100 independent people edit an article, the result is often closer to an objective truth.
  3. Membership Allows Us to Retain Editorial Integrity. Patreon, GoFundMe, and other fundraising sites. Our content deals with a diversity of opinions and people. As a result, it is not always acceptable to these platforms. We are trying to stay independent of using these platforms to retain our free speech integrity. your payment to access the books allows us direct pay