Warrior WoMan

Power, Principles, Pleasure & Peace for the Planet

If one were to reduce this whole book to a sentence it might be the following. Hedo Feminista makes an argument for female defensive violence to help bridge the power divide between the genders resulting in more peace in society and for individuals. It is a call for a Warrior Woman approach rather than the victimized one, that tends to be promulgated by Anglo-American feminism.

In the Warrior WoMan, we look at sex, violence, free speech, and feminism, empowering women to defend themselves is more understandable to men than the current focus on victimization that is a product of mostly American universities but is affecting women in the world.

Defensive Violence & Gender Equality

Female Physical Empowerment leads to Female Sexual Empowerment!

Jungle Queen Warrior Woman Mural - From Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Feminist Community.

Why is it that women should suffer so much at the hands of men? Is it their pre-ordained lot in life? The burden of their gender? Is it built into a woman's genetic code that she should be passive and receiving whilst men are thrusting and aggressive? Will women always have to bear the cross of suffering while Patriarchy whips them from behind?

Rather than learning to defend themselves, from a young, impressionable age, girls are taught to wait for a man to come and save them. Many fairy tales and movies tell of a beautiful damsel in distress, waiting for the impeccable timing of a Prince Charming to swoop in and save her. Young women are taught to regard themselves as fragile and delicate as opposed to celebrating female physical power.

In fighting for women's rights there have been unintended and unforeseen consequences. One of them is known as "Fainting Couch Feminism," college-educated women who are fragile and sensitive to "micro-aggressions", and the collective judgment of men with terms like "toxic masculinity" and "rape culture".

Sexual Equalism

Yin-Yang Equalism

Unlike African, Nicaraguan, Indian, Muslim, or many other women from the Global South, a Western woman does not face death or jail if she chooses to be a porn star, stripper or simply to have sex with someone before marriage.

The Sexual Revolution only happened in the West among mostly white women. In no brown or black dominant country was there a sexual revolution giving women the right to enjoy the panoply of sexual options that their white Western sisters have. 

A woman who makes love out of desire, not duty is a woman who is not under the control of men. At present, there are very few places in the world where women have that kind of sexual equality. The countries of the West are still the most advanced in terms of women's rights and it shows in the sexuality of Western women who are free to enjoy themselves in ways that they choose.

This shows how it is and how is solution-oriented, individuals can choose any practical tips they like.

Unlike other non-fiction books, which are then used as cudgels by the political right and left, this is an open-book project. The author Mojo Mustapha strongly believes that ideas, like human bodies, get stronger if tested and challenged. Or they die.

Through most of his adult life, Mojo practiced the Japanese business practice of Kaizen, meaning ‘change for the better’ or ‘continuous improvement.’ It’s a method for transforming habits incrementally, one step at a time, to continuously improve. In business, employees make small adjustments to processes that compound over time resulting in increased productivity.

In a world of arguments and accusations, we want to introduce these three books, containing ideas that can be practiced by any individual in the world, to perhaps shift the divisiveness both within and outside the country borders we live in.

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