Hedonisia Book Trilogy

For many non-fiction books the writer locks themself away to come up with a book. I am writing my books as open source projects for a simple reason. With many of the challenges facing society, the conversation is never finished. There is always new information coming in. New insights, data, and opinions. New trends in culture. And the impact of traditional cultures on these arguments.

We can be very enthusiastic about putting forth arguments and ideas but not so arrogant as to think we have the only ideas or some kind of objective opinion.

Science shows that the human body does better when it is challenged by at least a little bacteria to build up resistance and resilience. The same is true for a person's ideas or ideology. If a someone can develop an idea and put it up in the virtual town square to be challenged, it forces them to articulate the defense of their ideas when they come under inevitable attack. Challenges are also an opportunity to make adjustments to the narrative of an idea when necessary.

I have spent a lifetime as a traveling around the world with the eye of a hedonistic sociologist and feminist which I've been calling myself since I quit being a Muslim in protest of the unequal status of women.

I learned from the positives of many cultures whilst also calling out some of the shitty parts. I definitely got in trouble along the way. My intent was always the same; to find ideas and solutions to the myriad of problems we face in every country, culture, race, gender or orientation.

There are three broad challenges that are addressed in this trilogy, freedom of speech in a diverse world, advocating for women to have the tools and training for defensive violence and the potential benefits to society of mentor friendships or intimate relations between younger adult men and mature women.

It is necessary use date and statistics to point out broad trends, I do the same and also bring something different to the table. I have spent an entire lifetime learning about women in the world by actually living in many countries and also dating and socializing with them.

Data can give you the big picture of a society but it does not show how the people in it feel. With regards to women, it turns out that while the goal for gender equality is the same for all women, the tactics and methodology differ greatly. This is especially true with regards to relationships and sexuality.

There were so many times when I noticed something about a particular people and thought, we need to study this. Sadly there are very few international studies of the subjects I bring up in these books so I use stories and anecdotes from my travels to illustrate certain points.

The manuscripts are Google Docs so you can give Commenter feedback to any point you disagree or agree with. As you may expect, they are politically incorrect. I hope you enjoy and I welcome your voice:

The Hedonisia Book Trilogy of Pleasurable Activism

1. Talking Sh*t to Sugar: Pleasurable free speech in a sensitive world

An accusation of prejudice is serious. In today's world, it can have social, economic, and even legal consequences. Implying prejudice when offended is a great censor of free speech. It can also create animosity and opposite outcomes. If a person feels accused of being prejudiced, they might hang out with others who do the same. Right wing populism is growing in US & Europe as a reaction.

Using shit as a literal expression as well as a metaphor, we look at problems with being able to enjoy free speech in a "woke" world and conversational tools to address offense when it occurs and accusations of prejudice are getting ready to be hurled.

2. Warrior WoMan: A Path to Power, Pleasure & Peace for the Planet

The reason for the title Warrior WoMan is simple. Men have traditionally been seen as the protectors not the nurturers. As the Chinese YinYang symbol suggests, there is a constant push and pull of the masculine and feminine.

Inside every woman is a man and inside every man is a woman. The amount we share of each other is on a spectrum with masculine women and feminine men. When women play a more active role, and are given the tools, training and support, to play a role in their own protection, as well as being part of jobs like security, police and military, where they have power.

3. Cougars for World Peace: Benefits to Society of Mentor Relationships

Cougars for World Peace is intended for an international audience. Similar challenges are faced by older women and younger men throughout the world. 

The broad goal of this book is to make a case for the benefits of bringing together older women and younger men in different kinds of intimate relationship settings.

The research on older women in the world and sexuality is sparse because it has not been a subject of interest. And very few have speculated about ways these two groups can benefit each other and the planet in general.

The author, Mojo Mustapha, when a young man, did have such intimate mentoring friendships with women who were older than him. They were a crucial part of the reason why he continues working on women's issues to this day.

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