Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Green Vacation Rentals

Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community

Hedonisia Eco-Community was taken by the lava flow on May 27, 2018, during the Kilauea volcano eruption.

For those who would like to support us in our efforts to rebuild, we have set up a Rebirth Hedonisia Community Crowdfund. We gratefully appreciate any donations, no matter how small, to help keep the Hedonisia community concept alive. 

During Hedonisia’s 14 year history, we developed a number of educational resources on how to make a living by being a social or activist entrepreneur.

You are welcome to show support by purchasing one of the e-services we offer from our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio! It is a wonderful way of making a donation! We will continue to work on these projects as we prepare to rebuild.

In May 2019, we are accepting reservations for Hedonisia Solitude, our first eco-hut in a nearby guava forested land which we also own.

It will be exactly one year after our original community was destroyed. In memorial, we will start with one eco-hut for the first year. This will allow us to acclimatize to our new location as we slowly expand.

With our Brain and Heart Work options, pre-volcano Hedonisia was already quite a different sort of community.

Hedonisia Solitude will be a quieter place attracting artists, writers, tech workers and other people who enjoy the space to be creative!

Mahalo & Aloha!


Pre-Volcano Text

Hedonisia Hawaii offers affordable Eco-Community Vacation Rentals for Ecotourists, backpackers, and travelers who wish to experience a more down to earth and natural Hawaii than the hotel based ‘concrete tourism’ of Waikiki or Kona. Our Community is located in the volcanic rain forests of Puna in the rainforest region of Hawaii Big Island.

eco-community vacation rentals

Kahuna Cabin Hawaii Eco-Hut

Our Community Facilities are all designed for the tropical environment we live in. Having only 13 lodging spaces on 3.72 acres of land prevents us from becoming over-crowded. Our maximum population is 18 guests, volunteers, and interns. This allows quiet, privacy and space to enjoy our little piece of Hawaii paradise and yet a friendly social community atmosphere for when you feel like socializing!

We are close to many Local Big Island Attractions of Puna and East Hawaii such as Ahalanui Warm Ponds, Kehena Black Sand beach, Volcano’s National Park, and many others. The quaint and colorful “hippie” village of Pahoa is only 4 miles away and so is the ocean! Our location is very convenient for both eco-tourists and volunteers alike.

Otherwise, check out our Green Lodgings in the Rainforest. Each ‘hut’ caters to different budgets and levels of comfort!

Become a Patron of the Hedonisia Activist & EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Community!

Jungle Cottage Hawaii
Jungle Cottage

from $95 per night (tax included)

Kahuna Cabin in Hawaii
Kahuna Cabin

from $75 per night (tax included)

Bamboo Hut in Hawaii
Bamboo Hut Bungalow

from $65 per night (tax included)

Ocean View Deck Mural Hawaii
Ocean View Hale

from $60 per night (tax included)

Cozy Nook Hut Hawaii
Private Eco Hales

from $55 per night (tax included)

Rainforest Tent Hawaii
Tents and Private Camping

from $40 per night (tax included)

Aloha Bus Hawaii
Semi-Private Shared Spaces

from $30 per night (tax included)

Avocado Tent Camping in Hawaii
Hawaii Campground

from $25 per night (tax included)

Jungle Queen Volunteers in Hawaii
Extended Stay Specials!

from $120 weekly (tax included)