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Post-Volcano Hedonisia

This page is kept as an archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia. We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can help us.

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Hawaii Campground. Unlike public campgrounds which are in the county or state parks, private camping allows you to set up your tent and then be able to leave it with security and peace of mind as you explore the island.

Rainforest Camping Private Tent
Rainforest Camping Private Tent

However, please note that we are in the rain-forest¬†so it rains! This means that “normal” camping with just a tent might not be so comfortable.

We recommend a waterproof sturdy tent with a tent flap for extra protection from the rain.

With the increase in pricing at the official campgrounds and ongoing reports of incidents that happen, we offer a safe private camping alternative that compares well price wise with the county campgrounds.

For those who have their own camping equipment, we offer different private camping spot.

Our Hawaii Campground Options:

  • Rainforest Campsite.¬†A nice, flat, level platform to place your tent. We have a shelter built over the camping pad so you have extra protection from the rain. This spot feels like your own corner of the community. It is ideal for couples or those who like the sounds of nature!
  • Avocado Campsite.¬†Located near a grove of avocado trees, this¬†space is a very popular¬†camping spot! An elevated platform to place your tent and a canopy above to keep you extra dry. Located across from Rollinia House and near Rain Forest Tent, you’ll feel near and connected to the other community members.
  • Crater Camp! This is a spot for the adventurous! A camping spot tucked into the jungle at the bottom of our volcanic crater. This spot does not have a shelter so you will be camping under the trees!
  • Emergency Arrivals.¬†We also allow camping¬†for 1-night emergency stays in the community yoga barn for late night arrivals.
Rainforest Camping in Hawaii
Rainforest Camping in Hawaii

Our sheltered private camping options are dry, open, and secluded. Enjoy the sounds of the jungle while being protected from the elements.

Camping is our most affordable accommodation for a single person aside from the private camping option.

Private Camping is experiencing Hawaii in a completely different way. Bundled up on a cool Hawaiian night being this close to nature is amazing.

Private Camping is available under the:
Fair-Trade Volunteer Program
Sustainable Community Manager Internship

While we cannot guarantee your stay in this lodging, we do try to honor volunteer and Intern requests based on availability, work ethic and how well participants ‘fit’ into the Hedonisia community.

Community Experience: Weekly or Monthly Stays
We offer camping at special weekly or monthly rates for those who wish to enjoy being part of the community working one light Community Support Shift per week.
Single Weekly Price: $125 РSingle Monthly Price: $295
Couple Weekly Price: $175 РCouple Monthly Price: $395
All prices include 13.42% Hawaii G.E. & T.A. Taxes

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