Hedonisia Artist & Creative Colony!

This will be our temporary home until it is possible to return.

Because our original property is going to be relatively inaccessible for months or even years we need to build a temporary base. With that purpose in mind, we will be using our other piece of land to start a Hedonisia Mini-Community. It would be built in a modular form so it could technically be packed up and moved if there's another lava flow and if we had enough notice!

In the Black Sands Subdivision near Kalapana in Hawaii, we purchased two lots of undeveloped land about 14 miles away from the original Hedonisia property.

Our goal with this land is to create a small artist colony beginning here, and then moving back to our original property once roads are built and there is access to the area again.

Artists in Residence!

Street View of Black Sands land
Street View of Black Sands land

Hedonisia Hawaii: An Artist Colony of EcoFeminists, Social Entrepreneurs, Writers, Techies, and other Creatives!

As we slowly prepare for our eventual return to the new land we are changing the nature of our community.

We will still offer volunteer, intern, and guest programs. However, they will be for a community with a maximum population of 6 - 12 persons in 5 eco-huts and two camping spots.

This will be a different kind of community than Hedonisia Hawaii which was much more 'touristy'. The government recently passed a law banning new vacation rentals in residential zones.

The new Hedonisia Hawaii will be attracting artists, tech workers, writers, social entrepreneurs and other creatives who want an affordable place to stay in Paradise. A cozy place where they can live with other like-minded creatives while they work on their projects. For a rent reduction, they can volunteer or intern and help us with the Hedonisia Creative Portfolio.

Small clearing on Black Sands Property
Small clearing on Black Sands Property

Stays will be for 6 months or more under government regulation to qualify as rentals. Of course, nobody will be forced to stay that long! And we will pro-rate the costs of your stay if you decide to leave earlier than six months.

However, the idea is that the new Hedonisia Artist & Writers Colony will be a place where a person can settle in and work on their creative projects while living in the volcano zone of Hawaii.

With our volcanic history, Hedonisia will now be a place for creative reflection, where people stay and really get to know Hawaii rather than the quick in and out of a typical tourist.

Black Sands Pioneer Building Team!

Strawberry Guava Log Closeup
Strawberry Guava Closeup

We are looking for Eco-Builders and volunteers who wish to come to Hawaii in October 2019 and would like to work with us in building our initial tiny eco-huts!

If you have home building experience feel free to apply to be part of our initial rebuild effort!

This project is ideal for those who have imagination and the work ethic to see a project through. So, if you feel like the Swiss Family Robinson or Robinson Crusoe then this deal is for you!

If we rebuild Hedonisia here, there are some advantages:

  • 1) There are no fire ants, few mosquitos and much less rain and mold!
  • 2) With a smaller land space, there will be less strenuous work than there was on our 4-acre jungle! So both the volunteer and intern programs will be lighter and easier 🙂
  • 3) The community will be more cozy with less distance to walk to the bathroom at night 🙂
  • 4) There will hopefully be an outdoor hot-tub 🙂
  • 5) Quicker access to the ocean! And closer to Kehena Beach!

Even if you don't have building skills you can still be a volunteer! We will be clearing guava trees and also doing lava hike reconnaissance missions to the original Hedonisia property to see our rebuilding options.

Support our Rebirth Crowdfund so we can rebuild the great eco-community we once were!

Apply Now!

If you'd like to be part of the Pioneer Rebuilding Team use the above application!

Hedonisia Artist Colony

This is our first draft application for those who would like to be part of the Hedonisia Artist & Creatives Colony which we hope to officially open in January 2020!

For more info please contact:
Mojo - Community Director