Post Volcano Hawaii Artist Colony!

Volunteer to help with our Hawaii Rebirth

In October 2019, we plan to use our small piece of land we own to create a mini-Hedonisia community. This will be our temporary home while we prepare to return to our original land.

Hedonisia Artist Colony Building Stage!

Accepting Volunteer Reservations from Oct 2019 - Jan 2020

At this stage, we are offering very cheap rates for volunteer pioneers! Any volunteer who reserves to stay during this period enjoys a Volunteer Pioneer Rate of $50 plus 12 hours volunteer work per week of stay. This covers camping lodgings.

Skilled Volunteers or Builders

We welcome volunteers or any inventive carpenter or 'eco-builder' who can create sustainable structures using alternative materials. We offer a special rate of $100 flat fee to anyone who has building or carpentry skills.

We love applicants who enjoy work using renewable and recycled materials!

  1. Carpenter - Repairing, improving and building small projects and custom furniture. We try to use materials to build with such as  Strawberry Guava which is a fast-growing tropical hardwood that is an invasive species in Hawaii as well as our various varieties of Bamboo to create eco-friendly tourist lodgings.
  2. Eco-Construction and Eco-Builder. Resourceful roofers or builders who can build and repair using eco-friendly methods, recycled materials or Bamboo or other locally sourced wood or scrap building materials.

Hedonisia Art Colony Volunteer Stage - Accepting Reservations from Jan 2020

During this time our community will be different from before. We will still offer eco-tourist and eco-feminist community programs and green vacation rentals.

Future Site of Hedonisia Hawaii Artist Colony!
Future Site of Hedonisia Hawaii Artist Colony!

However, we will be more of an artist colony, writer's residence, creative colony, social entrepreneur startup incubator, with an ecofeminist foundation!

One of the biggest complaints we had about the old community was how busy it was! With only 6 huts, we will not have a population of more than 12 people who will be staying longer.

This allows much more time for you to settle down and be creative in 'island time'! You will also have ample free time to get a job in town!

To comply with the new vacation rental laws, our programs will be for six months or more. However, if you wish to leave earlier, you are of course free to do so!

These are the new evolving programs we will be offering:

  1. Resident Guest: Private Hut for $650 a month or Dorm Guest for $400 a month plus 3 hours volunteer work per week.
  2. Resident Volunteer: Private Hut for $450 a month or Dorm Guest for $400 a month plus 12 hours volunteer work per week.
  3. Resident Intern Manager: One-time training fee of $695 which includes 3 weeks lodging for stays of 6 months to one year. Volunteer requirement is 3 x 8-hour shifts per week.
Apply Now!

If you'd like to be part of the Pioneer Rebuilding Team use the above application!

Hedonisia Artist Colony

This is our first draft application for those who would like to be part of the Hedonisia Artist & Creatives Colony which we hope to officially open in January 2020!

For more info please contact:
Mojo - Community Director