10. INTERN ENTREPRENEUR. Tech Worker & Intern Entrepreneur – Equity Profit Sharing Programs

28 Nov

Hedonisia Intern & Tech Entrepreneur Equity or Profit Sharing!

For qualified applicants, we offer Intern or Tech Worker profit sharing equity stakes in select projects from the Hedonisia EcoFeminist & Activist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

Interns are approved applicants who work at either our post-volcano Hedonisia Solitude or our Portland Micro-Community.

An applicant has to show abilities, skills and enthusiasm working on the project they choose. If while working on a project, an intern shows original, creative research and thinking, we can offer them a Hedo Intern Equity or Profit Sharing Agreement for that project!

A Profit Sharing Agreement would be for 3 -11 years and would be customized to the skill level, energy, and knowledge that an intern brings to the project.

For interns or tech workers to gain equity ownership then they have to bring original improvements of the project they choose they wish to be a part of!

Apply: Hedonisia Portland!

Hedonisia Solitude Colony!