10. INTERN ENTREPRENEUR. How does your Intern Equity Program Work?

28 Nov

Hedonisia Intern & Tech Entrepreneur Equity or Profit Sharing!

Though the volcano forced us to move operations we still offer a different version of our Intern program

Now we offer intern profit sharing equity stakes and choose projects from the Hedonisia EcoFeminist & Activist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

An intern has to show their abilities and enthusiasm by working on a project. However, if while working on a project, an intern shows original, creative research and thinking, we can offer them a Hedo Intern Equity Profit Sharing on that project!

A Profit Sharing Agreement would be for 3 -5 years and would be customized to the skill level, energy, and knowledge that an intern brings to the project.

However, for interns to gain equity ownership then they have to bring original improvements to the idea they wish to be a part of!

Apply: Hedonisia Portland!


Pre-Volcano Text:

Intern  Social Entrepreneurs in Hawaii

However, interns can work on their own entrepreneur projects even if they only have the inkling of an idea! Like the tiny seed that grows into a mighty tree, little ideas can grow and evolve!

For entrepreneur interns, we have a free tool for you! The Social Entrepreneur Business Template is a google doc so you can customize it for your business and start the process of giving life to your idea!

It may take years for a dream to come true but if you persevere, it can happen!

Mojo the Community Director, had the general concept of Hedonisia in his head since he was 18! This little dream made it much more bearable to live in the ‘normal’ working world because he knew that one day, he would ‘escape’ and live according to his ideals!

It took years but Hedonisia became a thriving and continually evolving ecofeminist community!


Interns who have a long-term creative or business idea they are developing, (or take one of our ideas!), are going to get the most out of this internship. They would have a meaningful side project to work on during the course of their internship and to continue working on when they leave. A project that could one day, provide them with a livelihood and potentially improve the world!

Interns are welcome to ‘take’ ideas from our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur web portfolio and use them to start their own social entrepreneur businesses and make their own money, royalty free! In other words, interns can literally learn how to make money based on their ideals without having to pay any license or royalty fees!

Such was the case with Kesi, a dual Aussie/US national who arrived at Hedonisia in 2016. Kesi cares very much about the issue of sexual violence and abuse against women and wanted to work on the web projects we have that address this issue.

As a result of her original research and writing, we are tentatively collaborating on creating a business plan for Damsels in Defense, an anti-rape device.

Interns working in Hawaii

Intern Kesi with Starfruit!

Herstory: When I came across Hedonisia Hawaii it seemed too good to be true. A feminist Eco-Community championing “girl power” and actively supporting female rights around the world. Offering training and experience in managing a hostel, Landcare, knowledge of exotic plants, community living, tiny structure repair and construction and all of this in Hawaii? So you can imagine my delight once I arrived to find that Hedonisia delivers on every single point. I have grown immensely here and continue to evolve each day. 

Finally feeling the satisfaction of being able to use a wide range skill set in one venture. There are not many places or circumstances in life that allow one to wear so many hats while providing, supporting, and encouraging community members to be themselves. . . . There is an emphasis on the intentional in the term ‘intentional community’ here. The intention is to change the world for the better. This is best expressed through the entrepreneur aspect of the internship. Here I personally have had the opportunity to do real work addressing and affecting the status quo around the world. Resulting in a wonderful partnership between Mojo and myself developing a new conscious company built on an online system to change the game in women’s self defense. 

I have harboured passion and plans for years to even contribute to a project such as this yet alone head such a project. Continuing to work on this ground breaking enterprise each week is a wonderful reminder of what is important to me on a grand scale of life, and how taking an opportunity with both hands can produce a sweeping effect. Echoing through my life and spilling into the lives of many on a global scale. I am truly inspired by the very nature and foundation of Hedonisia. So much so that the grand dream that brought me here continues to expand ever wider as time goes on. For me Hedonisia has been the springboard to soaring and now that I’ve taken the leap… I see now not even the sky is the limit.