Hedo Feminista

Sex-Positive Feminism

Certain strains of feminism can appear to be anti-sex or anti-male. This is because men, historically have been the abusers of women and they have used sex in the form of rape to do so. However, sex is not always an issue of division, exploitation, or abuse.

Sex can also be one of the great unifying forces. There are few better physical or metaphorical description of union than the act of sex. Consent Culture Guidelines developed at Pre-Volcano Hedonisia as an empowered consent-based approach to community living. And we did this with many volunteers and interns from around the world who helped to create the Hedo Feminista Portfolio:

Hedo Feminista SapioSexual SolutionsHedo Feminista
Royalty-free ideas and research into female-empowering, ethical, and entrepreneurial solutions to some of the consequences of dysfunctional sexuality in the world today.

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World Art Erotica MuseumWorld Art Erotica Museum
Sensual art and literature from around the world celebrating the joys of human sexuality.
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 Over 1000 beautiful artworks celebrating human sexuality in all its forms.

Tantric Ganja: An EcoFeminist Aphrodisiac
Tantric Ganja Consent Culture Social Beverage
The ecofeminist goal of this marijuana-based aphrodisiac is to show the benefits of marijuana compared to alcohol as a safer, empowering, and pleasurable tool for female sexual enjoyment!