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Pleasurable Activism Projects

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Under the brand Hedo Feminista, we manage a portfolio of web projects that embody our practice of pleasurable activism, to work towards a better planet and to have fun doing so.

Intersecting Identity Play Sex and Free Speech Workshop

Social Identity Play
Adult Communication Workshop

These workshops are for sex-positive adults who wish to enjoy free speech communication with people who have different social identities.

Though the workshops are held in Portland, we are hosting them via Zoom from Hawaii. That way, you can be part of these fun and entertaining workshops no matter where you live in the world.

We invite you to join us.

Social Identity Play  - Zoom Workshop for Adults

World Art Erotica MuseumWorld Art Erotica Museum
Sensual art and literature from around the world celebrating the joys of human sexuality.
Members can download royalty-free erotic images for personal or business use.
 Over 1000 beautiful artworks celebrating human sexuality in all its forms.




Tantric Ganja: An EcoFeminist AphrodisiacTantric Ganja Consent Culture Social Beverage

Aside from being a delicious beverage our goal for this marijuana-based aphrodisiac is to show the benefits of marijuana compared to alcohol as a safer, empowering, and pleasurable tool for female sexual enjoyment.