Pleasurable Activism: Hedonisia EcoFeminist Web Portfolio

Though Hedonisia was destroyed in the 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption, we continue to work on our ecofeminist and activist portfolio of social entrepreneur projects.

This collection of websites has many educational resources for those who wish to make a living by making a difference. All the websites have an intellectual aspect which is why we classify them as Brain Work.

If you wish to come to Hawaii as a volunteer or intern, we invite you to visit them to see if any resonate with you.

1) Activist Entrepreneur & Community Handbook

Activist EntrepreneurActivist Entrepreneur
Create a business in alignment with your values! Use capitalism in a positive, sustainable way to address social or environmental issues.

Hedonisia EcoFeminism LogoThe Hedonisia Handbook

Hedonisia's model of urban or rural community living can be used anywhere in the world.

2) Reproductive Rights & Justice

These sites are pro-choice on the issue of women's reproductive rights.

Natural Miscarriage: Reproductive Rights for Pregnant Women around the World
Reproductive Choice info for women around the world who are facing one of the most challenging decisions of their lives.
EcoSensual: Natural Birth Control for Lovers - Sex-Positive Natural Birth Control
Sensual methods for women and couples to practice sexy and natural birth control.

3) Hedo Feminista Free Speech Communication Workshops

Hedo Feminista SapioSexual - Diversity & Free Speech workshops and books supporting an empowered rather than victim-based approach to issues of prejudice among different groups.Also featuring the following topical books:
  1. HedoFeminist Entrepreneur: Using business as a tool for gender equality
  2. Cougars for World Peace: Benefits to Society of Sex-Positive Feminism
  3. Warrior WoMan: Power, Principles, Pleasure & Peace for the Planet
  4. Talking Sh*t: Pleasurable free speech communication in a diverse world.
World Art Erotica MuseumWorld Art Erotica Museum
A digital museum of erotic art and sensual literature from around the world.
Members gain royalty-free access to hundreds of historical erotica images which they can download for personal or business use.

Tantric Ganja: An EcoFeminist AphrodisiacTantric Ganja CBD Elixir

The ecofeminist goal of this marijuana-based aphrodisiac is to show the benefits of marijuana compared to alcohol as a safer, empowering, and pleasurable tool for female sexual enjoyment.

Hedonisia Lava Youtube Channel 

Videos, musings, and online courses on the activist and ecofeminist projects we manage.

For those who would still like to volunteer or intern on any of our projects, we still offer the following programs: