Sex Positive Feminism

Pleasurable Activism, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Respect for Personal Boundaries & Consenting Adults

The city of Portland OR is one of the most ethical sex positive cities hosting many kinds of events, communities, workshops, and activities that support sex-positive feminism.

After the volcano eruptionCommunity Director, Mojo moved there. He now lives in a‘ Micro-Community’ in Portland.

As he did for years as Hedonisia Hawaii Community Director, Mojo has always been very careful to obey the principles and practices of a sex-positive consent culture community. Mojo has been a member of and a volunteer at Sex Positive Portland.

As a member of S.P.P. Mojo learned about consent culture which is a now a part of the Hedonisia Community Guidelines. He also learned about the meaning of Sapiosexual, which is someone who is turned on by intelligence!

Mojo talks here about the challenges of working with sexuality in a female dominant community as a sex-positive male and person of color:

I have considered myself a ‘feminist’ since I quit being a Muslim to protest the religion’s policies against women at the age of 17. 

However, I also am a queer heterosexual male who practices ethical non-monogamyAs Community Director of Hedonisia, and a male in a position of authority, I am aware of my position. So I follow an even higher standard than other community members.

To avoid even the appearance of impropriety, I was mostly celibate in a community that usually had a dominant female population. In fact, in order to teach community leadership skills in the young women who came to the property I would be off travelling to other countries or part of America but especially Portland.

In the 14 year history of Hedonisia, I dated exactly 4 women on the property. In each case, there was a very clear signal given by the female.

Hedonisia is a ‘community of individuals’ that respects each consenting adult’s life choices as long as they don’t encroach upon the rights of others.

When adults are working on causes they feel passionate about in a community or company that is trying to improve the world, romance can easily happen!

In a consent culture community, I may flirt but always respectful of personal boundaries. As a strong believer in female empowerment, I did not initiate intimacy with a female unless she made the first move or gave a very clear signal that she liked me!

If a person is a sapiosexual, intellectual passionate discussions about subjects of great importance can cause intimate feelings may arise. This is natural and human. The important factor is consent.  By Mojo Mustapha – Hedonisia Community Director.

Sex Positive Feminism: Micro-Community in Portland

Hedonisia web projects dealing with sex-positive subjects or reproductive rights.

In our micro-community, in Portland, we follow the ‘community of individuals’ principle as described in the Hedonisia Community Mission Statement.

Every individual volunteer can choose at least one of the many projects we are working on.

If you are less enthusiastic about working in reproductive rights and sex-positive feminism then do not choose any of the sites below! You can still work on our other Eco-Feminist web projects.

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