Hedonisia Handbook

Hedonisia Handbook

How to Create and Manage a Sustainable Community!

A community model for social entrepreneurs in the city or in the country!

"Hedonisia is an example of a business that is changing the rules by playing by the rules." Brandon - 2012 Intern

A Manual for Social Entrepreneur Community Management!

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All communities are created with the best of intentions. Nobody wishes for their community to fail!

However, even if a community is based on amazing philosophies and ideas, it can still destroy itself over little details like day-to-day operation, financial issues, and of course, personality clashes.

To be truly sustainable, an intentional community must be economically viable. Ideally it should generate enough income from activities aligned with community values in order to grow and evolve.

For example, the Hedonisia community funding is based on ecotourism and social entrepreneur projects with a focus on women's issues.

Topics covered in the Hedonisia Handbook:

  • Community of Individuals
  • Property Project Management
  • Introduction to Social Enterprise
  • Sustainable Community OverviewCommunity Safety & Security
  • Hedonisia Eco-Practices
  • Ethical PR & Human Relations
  • 'Black Hat', 'Grey Hat' and 'White Hat' characters
  • Sustainable Community Management Guidelines
  • Working with Intern Community Manager Team Members

The Hedonisia Handbook is the training manual for all Community Intern Managers. It is an organic book. As our projects continue to evolve and grow, so does the Hedonisia Handbook!

Following the example of Mother Nature, we believe that continual evolution is the only way for a social enterprise to grow as it faces new challenges! So this is not a "static" ebook. As long as you are a member you will see updates.

Hedonisia Virtual Community Entrepreneur Membership

Members receive access to the following online resources:

  • a) Activist Entrepreneur: An instructional video course on how to create a business which as a part of it's products or services, is working through the political system to create changes in the law to promote a socially progressive, feminist or environmental cause.
  • b) Hedonisia HandbookThrough hard work and experimentation, we have developed a practical set of guidelines, material and ideas that have allowed us to evolve and grow over the years into a sustainable community. This ebook is also for those who live in an urban area and wish to create an Urban 'micro-community'.

$24.95 for 2 years access. One-time payment.

Hedonisia Handbook & Virtual Community
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