Reproductive Rights Web Portfolio

The issue of reproductive rights is becoming more problematic for women in the USA and around the world.

Especially in these times when the US government is trying to take away women’s right to reproductive choice.

Many women around the world access these sites increasing their options are for reproductive choice no matter where they live in the world.

Natural Sexy Birth Control Methods for Women and Couples. Can be used with all current birth control methods as a complementary tool. Many of us are dissatisfied with the current products in the birth control market. Artificial birth contol products such as The Pill and condoms have a number of drawbacks as well as the environmental costs. Natural Family Planning (NFP) has been around a long time. However, the way it is often described is about as exciting as homework!

Our idea is to combine various natural birth control options in a sexy package. This includes basal temperature, calendar, mucous, male retention, male awareness of sperm habits, male withdrawal, and exploring each other orally and anally when the incubator is definitely ON! We have created the Ecosensual Birth Control Calendar depicts in detail all the methods as well as easy to use charts that are sexy, inspirational as well as offering a practical way to plot your fertility.


This site is for women who do not want to be involved in the politics of abortion. They are often poor and uneducated. Many are conservative and not sex positive. Many did not even choose the sex that led to their pregnancy. So they need the methods in clear simple English that is easy to understand.


This site is designed for women who are sex positive, confident about their choice, educated, with better finances. Politically they are strongly pro-choice. This site offers more methods with more background and information that is scientific, bibliographic as well as info on our other feminist projects. In addition, by including free access to our sex positive Feminist Entrepreneur projects, this site is supportive of a woman’s desire to continue having a love life despite their unintended pregnancy.