EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio

On May 27, 2018 Hedonisia was destroyed by lava from the Kilauea eruption. As a result, we exist only as a virtual community with our EcoFeminist Entrepreneur web projects.

Hedonisia was not just a place but an activist entrepreneur community.  While we manage our Rebirth Hedonisia 2.0 Crowdfund we are continuing to work on our EcoFeminist Web projects from our new home in Portland.

In other words, our community is still there but much smaller!  We are still welcoming Virtual Volunteers or for those who are traveling to or living in Portland who would like to volunteer for rent reduction.

1) EcoFeminist & Activist Entrepreneur Resources


Using ethical business practices to create commercial products or services that support gender equality and female empowerment.

Access this unique educational resource for women AND men who wish to work towards gender equality and give themselves a meaningful job in the process! EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Purchase Ecourse
Activist Entrepreneur

Many folks would like to start a business in alignment with their values.

Activist Entrepreneurs use capitalism in a positive, sustainable way to create products or services that address social goals.

With this approach for example, workers must be treated fairly.

The Hedonisia Handbook
is an insider's guide to the workings of our sustainable community.Hedonisia has developed a model of urban or rural community living that allows you to do just that!Our principles for eco-community management can be used anywhere in the world.

2 for 1 Special!

Both the Hedonisia Handbook and Activist Entrepreneur are available for one price!

$9.95 for Member Access


2) Reproductive Rights & Justice

Warning. These sites are pro-choice on the issue of women's reproductive rights.

Natural Miscarriage: Reproductive Rights for Pregnant Women around the World

Reproductive Choice info for women around the world who are facing one of the most challenging decisions of their lives.

EcoSensual: Natural Birth Control for Lovers

Your payment of $13.69 allows you Access to this ever evolving educational resource to enjoy sexy contraception methiods. EcoSensual is continually being updated with new data, methods and artistic inspiration! - Sexy Natural Birth Control.

Sensual methods for women and couples to practice sexy and natural birth control!

Sex-Positive Feminism!

We draw a strong boundary between our work on the property and on the web. Despite our name Hedonisia, we are pretty tame on the property! Our sex-positive feminist work is web-based and 'sapiosexual'!

EcoSex Entrepreneur Adult Education
EcoSex Entrepreneur Adult Education!
EcoSex Entrepreneur

Royalty-free images, ideas and research into female empowering, ethical and entrepreneurial solutions to some of the consequences of dysfunctional sexuality in the world today.

World Art Erotica Museum World Art Erotica Virtual Museum 

A digital museum of erotic art and sensual literature from around the world.

Members gain royalty-free access to hundreds of historical erotica images which they can download for personal or business use!

Purchase Membership

Tantric Ganja Tantric Ganja: An EcoFeminist Aphrodisiac

Tantric Ganja: An EcoFeminist Aphrodisiac!

The ecofeminist message behind this marijuana based aphrodisiac is to demonstrate the benefits of marijuana as opposed to alcohol as a safer, empowering and pleasurable tool for female sexual enjoyment!



Visitors sometimes get confused because of our name Hedonisia and the fact that we define ourselves as an EcoFeminist Community!

To clarify, ALL of our work on reproductive rights and sex-positive feminism is WEB based!

  • Interns can work on these sites as part of their duties. Tasks would include editing, writing, research or creating mini-documentaries for any of the following projects they have an interest in.
  • For those with a tech focus, we welcome volunteers, guests, and interns with WordPress web design experience, SEO, Social Networking and other tech skills!

Life on the property is rather quiet and tranquil! Many volunteers and guests will enjoy their stay and have no idea about these web-based projects managed by our community unless they have special skills and request specifically to work on any of the above sites.