Diversity of Opinions and People

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Research & References Inspiring the Hedonisia Workshops & Book Trilogy

YouTube videos of thinkers and professors provided an intellectual foundation for the Hedonisia creativity and communication projects. A deliberate decision was made to use video sources along with academic journals. This makes our bibliography easily accessible to everyone regardless of education level to show the diversity of opinions and people we derived our inspiration.

A Diversity of Opinions and People

A Diversity of Opinions and People

Many of the discussions feature people from all walks of life. Their logic and emotional passion can be more inspiring to quote from than a scholarly journal written in dense, dry, and deliberately impenetrable university jargon that often seems designed to confuse working-class people.

I do not agree with everything said in these videos. For example, I am pro-choice when it comes to reproductive rights. One of the speakers, Zuby is not. In a free-speech society, it is fine to "agree to disagree" on issues without having to demonize those whose opinions are different than ours.

Despite these differences, there are threads of convergence forming a broad intellectual consensus on the values of classical liberalism with protections for diversity of thought as well as people.

Many progressives adopt a post-modern focus on the identity of a person before listening to what they have to say. They believe only "marginalized" people have a right to speak about their group because of their "lived" experience. Though I disagree with dividing people in this way, I decided to organize the bibliography by social identity.

My hope is some people might feel more comfortable listening to those in their social identity group. They can perhaps go on to others on the list and see the connecting threads of thought despite the diversity of backgrounds.

In traditional media, there is a tendency to favor short interviews with a focus on sound bites. The result is that TV interviews can appear shallow and performative.

Non-traditional media sources can be different. Thoughtful discussion encourages articulation of "emotional truths", "lived experience" and feelings with rationalism, reason, and facts. In an age that often values feelings more than facts, using them together is a powerful combination.
Mojo Mustapha

UK & US African Born Women

African American Women

Jewish Women

African American Males

Straight White Men

Women of Muslim Background

Trans Women

Detransitioned Persons

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Is Modern Feminism starting to undermine Itself? | Jess Butcher | TEDxAstonUniversity. Sep 5, 2018. Youtube

Keri Smith - “How I Left the Social Justice Cult”

Bettina Arndt - “#MeToo and feminists' male chastity crusade”

UK & US African Born Women

Women of Muslim Background