Individual or Small Private Communication Workshop

Private Communication Workshop on Free Speech & Diversity

A conversation between people of different demographic groups can sometimes feel awkward. Our private workshops allow a single adult to feel more comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their views with comfort yet still maintaining politeness for personal sensitivities. It is especially useful for those at work where there is difficulty in communication between adults of diverse demographic backgrounds.

Our goal for the private communication workshop is for individuals from different backgrounds to enjoy free and open conversations about any subject. And to be able to do so with respect and politeness for individual sensibilities without a feeling of being judged or censored if one says something deemed as offensive.

Trigger Words & Micro-Aggressions are Personal

Private Communication Workshop on Diversity and Free Speech
Private Communication Workshop on Diversity and Free Speech

Everyone has a unique personal history. Certain words or phrases may bring up painful memories. That is completely understandable. While anyone can speak from their personal experience for their demographic, no one is a spokesperson for their demographic.

“As a Gay, Bipolar, Person of Color . . .“ This style of communication was born in American universities. It is very American with a focus on the individual. Europeans and Asians tend not to put as much focus on individual victimization.

It is understandable that listing oppressions can feel validating to some people. However, honest meaningful conversations can challenge our beliefs. Personal growth and development has a greater likelihood of emerging from free-flowing conversations than those where everyone is anxiously trying not to say  the wrong thing when conversing with those from diverse backgrounds.

In these individual sessions, you will be able to share your story. It could be about a problem with someone of a different background, gender or orientation. We trouble shoot your personal situation and then give some recommendations that might lead to a different outcome.

If the offended person is willing, we can even have a private joint session where we learn to communicate about issues with diversity and free speech.

Private Consultation - Diversity & Free Speech Communication Workshop