Diversity & Free Speech Business Communication Workshops

For Companies, Non-Profits or Organizations with a Diverse Workforce

Most organizations, corporations and other social groups wish to further goals on diversity, equity and inclusion. However, studies and articles in ForbesHarvard Business Review have found that current corporate diversity programs often do not work to create harmonious diversity but instead creates more social division. This in turn affects company cohesion.

Workers at many companies and even non-profits, often feel like they are walking on eggshells. They are worried that if they make a wrong joke, display of ignorance, commenting on a stereotype or a cultural criticism can lead to a charge of prejudice. This can have dire effects on a person's career, whether they are the accuser or the accused.

For many companies it is the friction, debate and laughter that emanate from open communication, where solutions to problems can often be found.

It is beneficial for any business to create a culture where everyone feels valued and heard no matter which group they come from including those deemed as "privileged" and those who feel "marginalized".

Free speech communication can foster a sense of community and belonging despite people coming from diverse backgrounds or having different social identities.

Diversity and Free Speech in the Workplace
Diversity and Free Speech Can be Challenging in the Workplace

Hedonisia's Communication Workshops use simple tools for self assessment of personal sensitivity and ways to handle being offended without creating more division.

  1. PREP: Personal Responsibility Encouraging Politeness.
  2. JISC: Jokes, Ignorance, Stereotypes and Criticism.
  3. SISC: Social Identity Sensitivity Check. A simple tool that gives a numerical score on sensitivity with regards to personal social identities.

Honest meaningful conversations can challenge our beliefs. In many cases, personal growth and development emerge from these free-flowing uncensored conversations. This can be very beneficial to a company's creative output.

We teach and show you tools on how to communicate effectively and openly while respecting individual sensitivities such as race or gender. To practice being offended in a way that does not escalate a conversation into accusations of prejudice, we use four internationally recognized professions, as substitutes for social identities. The police, politicians, bankers and lawyers. Most people around the world have familiarity for each of these professions. There are jokes and criticisms across the world about these professions. I

Create Diverse Teams that Match each Other's Sensitivity Levels

We will show you how to use a Social Identity Sensitivity Check (SISC) to see which team members align with each other in sensitivity levels. That way, you can create diverse dynamic teams that work well together.

Online Video Course

Without having to disrupt and entire afternoon or work day, you can purchase our video course.

Company and Organization Live Zoom Classes

For companies that prefer a more hands-on approach where employees and management can interact with the host, we teach the workshop online. Each session is about 2 hours. Sessions will be conducted via zoom.

Prices are as follows:

  • $350: Two-Hour Zoom Workshop: For companies or groups of up to 20 people.
  • $750: Package of 3-Classes: This option is for companies who wish to repeat different versions of the class or who have larger groups.

In each session, employees and management can practice using these simple tools for communication and they will assess their Social Identity Sensitivity Check.  Workers may ask us any questions. It also gives us a chance to chat with you about balancing diversity in the workplace with free speech and open inquiry necessary for honest assessments of problems and solutions.

Change the work and social dynamic in your organization for greater team cohesion and productivity.

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