Diversity and Free Speech Communication Workshops

Hedonisia Workshops on Diversity & Free Speech

For Companies, Organizations & Individuals

One of the most exciting projects we have developed in our post-volcano community is the Hedonisia Diversity & Free Speech Communication Workshops based on our pre-volcano community mission statement.

Designed for individuals, small groups, companies or organizations, our workshops teach simple tools for communication that allow people of different races, cultures, genders, identities and ages to communicate with the maximum of free speech combined with personal politeness for individual sensitivities.

In many business, professional, social, friendly or intimate settings, when we communicate with people from different demographics, it can sometimes feel challenging. It is nice to have simple tools that support open, friendly conversation and discussion.

It is often through free and open discussions between people of different groups, where solutions to the many problems facing societies can be found. The Hedo Feminista approach emphasizes free speech and empowerment rather than a victim-based approach to equality when dealing with issues such as education, sexuality, economics and violence.

Our workshop offers an alternative way of reaching out to each other that is sorely needed in these divided times when everyone is so sensitive about being offended.

Workers and management learn to communicate freely in a diverse workforce yet maintain respect for individual sensitivities. This workshop can be a single session or a series depending on the size and needs of the organization or company. It has been customized to the needs of a more business environment.

Intersecting Identity Play Sex and Free Speech WorkshopDiversity & Free Speech Communication Workshops

We offer two kinds of workshops; one for businesses and the other for individuals:

  1. Free Speech & Diversity in the Workplace. (for Companies and Organizations): We have developed PREP Conversation Guidelines to communicate openly while respecting personal sensitivities. This workshop content is designed for companies and groups.
  2. Diversity & Communication Private Sessions. (for Individuals). Many individuals wish to learn communication tools that maximize free speech while respecting individual sensitivity. They may feel uncomfortable in a larger workshop because they have work or social situations involving race, gender and so on which they wish to discuss privately.

Zoom Workshops for Adults

The next Diversity and Free Speech Workshop is on:

  •  Wednesday March 8, 2022 at 6:30 pm PST

Though the workshop is set in the Pacific time zone, all are welcome to attend no matter where they live in the world.

If you purchase a ticket and miss the date, tickets are valid for the next workshop.

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