Social Identity at Work and Play: Private Sessions Communication

Free Speech & Diversity Private Sessions for Individuals and Couples

Our private workshops allow a single adult to feel more comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their views comfortably yet still maintaining politeness for personal sensitivities. 

It is especially useful for those at work where there is difficulty in communication between adults of diverse demographic backgrounds.

In these individual sessions, you will be able to share your story. It could be about a problem with someone of a different background, gender, or orientation. A conversation between people of different demographic groups can sometimes feel awkward.  

We troubleshoot your situation and then give communication recommendations to facilliate a different outcome.

Mojo, the facilitator, has decades of experience in communicating openly with people of various social identities across the planet.

We offer two private sessions, each with a different focus:

1. Diversity & Free Speech Communication at Work or in Social Situations

Private Communication Workshop on Diversity and Free Speech

Private session: Diversity Free Speech

Honest meaningful conversations can challenge our beliefs. Personal growth and development are more likely to emerge from free-flowing conversations instead of anxiously trying not to say the wrong thing when conversing with those from diverse backgrounds.

In these individual sessions, you can share your story. It could be about a problem with someone of a different background, gender, or orientation. We troubleshoot your situation and then give some recommendations that might lead to a different outcome.

If the offended person is willing, we can even have a private joint session where we learn to communicate about issues with diversity and free speech.

The communication guidelines that form the basis of these sessions transcend geographical location. After all, people all over the world, are increasingly sensitive about conversations related to social or ethnic identity.

Our online private workshops focus on areas where communication between people of different backgrounds can become challenging.

Individuals and couples describe feeling refreshed and energized after talking intelligently, openly, and passionately without being labeled as discriminatory when they spoke their mind or if they said a ‘trigger’ word or what we call a JISC comment (Jokes, Ignorance, Stereotype, Criticism).

  1. Jokes & Satire
  2. Ignorance & Curiosity
  3. Stereotypes & Patterns.
  4. Criticism & Compliments

Hedonisia Diversity & Free Speech Private Sessions

Diversity & Free Speech Private Workshop


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2. Adult Communication in Social & Intimate Situations 

Meetup Social Identity Play: Sex, Diversity and Free Speech Communication Workshop

Social Identity Play: Communication Private Workshop

Social Identity Play Adult Communication Workshop. Conversation tools for races, genders, and orientations to converse freely with each other.

We live in a politically correct world that sometimes stifles honest conversation. Sex is one of the most politically incorrect subjects there is. This workshop is for curious or sex-positive adults to learn tools for communication between people of diverse groups.

Sexuality touches almost all facets of human behavior, yet it’s one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. Sex affects society in ways that are both positive and negative, but it is not often a subject for polite discussion.

Our goal is education and communication about the sensitive subject of sexuality. We create a ‘safe container’ with guidelines for open friendly discussions. In this way, people can feel comfortable communicating freely with differing political views, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations.

In this adult communication workshop, we learn easy ways to keep conversations light and fun while learning how to deal with being offended. Instead of using examples about the usual indicators of social identity offense, such as gender or race, we use adult lifestyles to practice being offended with a JISC comment. Examples of adult lifestyles would include monogamous, polyamorous, tantra, swingers, and so on.

They may also be interested in learning about one of the most controversial fetishes, Race Play. We discuss and give guidelines for ethical race play or gender play. No matter which race, gender, orientation, or other identity group you are part of, we provide ethical guidelines on how to play with our social identities in the bedroom.

This is a private adult workshop for individuals or couples. We talk about personal issues concerning sexuality and society.


Hedonisia DFS Business Communication Workshop

This online workshop is designed for non-profits, corporations, and organizations.