11 – Perseverance


Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the airplane, the pessimist, the parachute. George Bernard Shaw

STICKING WITH IT: Doing What You Need To to See It Through

  • Normal Jobs. You might have to continue working a ‘normal’ job to support yourself whilst you build your enterprise. Nothing wrong with that! Except now, you have a potential escape!
  • Distractions. As you descend into the valley of distractions life, the government, your friends, personal crises etc will continually try to throw you off the path. But always keep your eyes on the light at top of the valley.

The Big Picture

Avoid Getting Too Caught Up in the Details Your path may be winding with setbacks but if you persevere you will reach that light!

Pessimism & Pitfalls

Despair – Can I Really Make a Difference?” Putting Things in Perspective “LEARN FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES Turning Shit into Compost for New Growth”

There will be challenges. Be patient. And now that you have an idea to improve the world there is no harm in continuing to work a ‘normal’ job. Simply keep your Eye on the Ball! Doing What You Love Will Keep You Going!

Loving non-attachment

Try to practice the Buddhist concept of “loving non-attachment”. For example, at our eco-community in Hawaii, we totally love what we do but we are never fanatically emotional about our work. We live in Lava Zone 1, which has one of the highest likelihoods of new lava flow if the Kilauea volcano should erupt in our area. So we love our community and work hard at it knowing full well that it can be consumed by fire at any time! It’s a great way to practice ‘loving non-attachment’!

However, we practiced loving non-attachment by simultaneously reducing our dependence and delegating responsibilty. One way the Community Director Mojo did this was by traveling. During the 14-years of Hedonisia 1, he stayed relatively long periods in 14 countries from Denmark to Costa Rica.